October 5, 2022

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61 thoughts on “The Truth Behind The Industry Trying To End Nicki Minaj’s “Queen Radio”

  1. I mean nicki knew what she signed up for they gonna dim the light they gave her her time is here and they gonna do the same shit to cardi big deal who cares im not sorry for any of them when they signed that deal got they ass popped and sold their soul to the devil they all going to hell so u can stop trying to paint this perfect image of nicki she did the crime now its time for her to do the time

  2. G, I was wondering if (same reason as Leo) she was going to get a Grammy? And also why does Frobes hate her, and she hasnt recieved of obvious #1 song on L BB charts

    1. She has all of the other records and accolades. That is why they keep giving cardi These number 1 records, There is no way you can convince me that White people were buying Bodak yellow for it to be #1 Maroon 5 has not been poppin in years but now since they add Cardi B they are #1 for 3 weeks? Katy Perry had just done the superbowl and her and Nicki did a song and it did not go to #1. fefe had way more streams and Sales then Bodak in the same amount of time yet and still Fefe did not go #1 stupid

  3. Nicki finished Cardi in that Queen radio episode. She put it all out there: about the fight at Fashion Week, how Cardi doesn’t write her raps, how she got men to beat up those girls Offset was cheating with at the strip club, how she called a dead black boy a monkey, and called black women roaches.

    Atlantic can try but you can’t clean up trash, which is what Cardi is

  4. She talked about Cardi one time on that radio show, she rarely spills any tea. You can tell she can only say so much.

  5. They just mad 🤣😂 they want her gone sooo bad. But every one already knows Cardi is fraud and wack af. They can’t undo it now. Nobody gonna fall gor her herpe ridden ass anymoreee. I wouldn’t even mind a new rap queen….IF SHE ACTUALLY HAD TALENT!

  6. If I was her I would just leave the industry and play it safe because these “elites” or whoever they are seem to juggle people lives with the “accidental overdose”. I wouldnt want to stay where I’m not welcomed. G, will they attempt to harm her?

    1. I know but it’s tough because all of your resources, finances and connections have come from them. They don’t really give you time to go learn the business and learn the loopholes because they keep you soo busy and so consumed that unless you knew about the business early you have no idea. Another thing that helped Drake was His father and Uncle was in the Music Business so they were able to help him a little understand that is why he is so saavy

  7. Atlantic is so blinded by hate they are actually making things worse for themselves. If anyone had noticed, Nicki had turned Queen Radio into a sex show basically. She wasn’t even addressed the many things her fans wanted her to address after the Travis show. Then the shoe throwing incident happened and of course Nicki had to address it. She didn’t even spend her whole time on that incident. She went right back to talking about other stuff. They really trying to destroy Nicki. This is more than some deactivation, this is just evil. If they would leave Nicki’s legacy alone, she will leave them alone.

    You used past tense with the Cardi and Apple talk….so I’m happy. I actually thought Cardi would get her own Spotify show just cause she seems to be copying Nicki. People think they like Cardi but listening to her on the radio for hours woudln’t work lol. She is not Nicki.

  8. Im a little concerned myself about her well being.. But dont understand how or why everyone is turning on her. Is Cardi giving up the goods or what cuz to me they to pressed on someone who is slowly being outed as fraud.

    1. It’s plain and simple. She pissed off a few people she took too long to mend fences now the worse thing she did was turn 35 I mean my God. They build cardi to pick up where Nicki left off and they wanted her to go quietly and disappear. Nicki was not willing to do that they put Nicki under serious MK when she had disappeared for that long stretch when Cardi picked up Momentum. They made her come off social media and silenced her with MK for a few months while cardI and her people scammed they way into the hearts of the Masses

  9. Lewis Hamilton want to marry her and have kids with Nicki. Lewis have a lot of money. G why Nicki wont leave the industry for good. And get marry and be happy with herself. Enough is enough. She got a good man now. She don’t need this drama no more. I’m a Nicki Minaj fan. I wish she just be a house wife and live happily. If Nicki dont retire and get marry soon. I will have to unfollow her. I don’t want to hear about her no more. We know they won’t her out. She just refuse to go and set down somewhere before the kill her. Ciar is a good example, Nicki need to follow her and move on.

    1. I believe Lewis is full of shit and I do not believe that relationship is real. I could be wrong but I just don’t see it. The only 2 men that want to Marry Nicki is Drake and Safaree. She need to go get some Billionaire who has nothing to do with the career she is in

  10. So if Nicki Minaj go in do fashion would they let her do that? The way it seem to me is like she can’t do nothing. So she have no chose but to marry a rich man, since she can’t make any money with out them being mad at her for something.

    1. They will let her do that but they help build her brand so unless she pays them a stupid amount of money to leave her the fuck alone she would have to branch out and do her own thing. The fashion world is built on who you are

  11. They are lame af she doesn’t even mention ok girl anymore. And if they think she is sooooo wack why won’t just leave her alone. True wackness will fall apart but greatness is always hated on an they keeping her ratings up. Cardi always sneak dissin like girl she been talking about you so move on and her fans will leave you alone. And you lame as fan won’t have keep up this high school ass drama. Nicki is a Senior and Cardi is a popular freshman they aren’t even in the same lane. #BigFacts

  12. Wow, they are so evil. Its funny Cardi just did an interview wuth Ebro on Beats 1. And the thing is, Nicki rarily talks about Cardi on there.

  13. I honestly believe if they shut her down and Cardi gets something its gonna hurt Cardi more! She has already been exposed, people even some people who tolerated her are annoyed with her complaints and lack of hitsss. Nicki might not be the favorite still but Cardi going down right with her🤷🏾‍♀️. So who’s next lol?

  14. Atlantic is getting annoying. No offense to Cardi but who really wants to struggle to listen to her speak? They might as well give Joselune a radio show.

  15. I love them both please take me back to the 90’s when women did music together . 🤷🏾‍♀️
    However as much as I love them both Nicki has the queen radio on smash .. I can’t see that working for Cardi just yet . (Having a show/podcast)

  16. Le sigh… I really want this whole thing to be over. Sheesh! Listen, I never particularly cared for Nicki but I like a couple of her songs. I intially liked Cardi because I was thinking she’d be about her business and have a team with some polish and common sense around her. However, that has not been the case and it’s annoying AF! No matter what, there is room for both of them and that’s the part I don’t get. I honestly think BOTH of them should do fashion and acting but I know the way the industry is set up, they won’t let it happen. And if y’all remember, it wasn’t like Cardi was spitting “hot fire” (in my Dylan voice) on LHH anyway. I hate the opportunity for her and Nicki to actually collab has been tarnished. Sad.

  17. If Nicki show get shut down and Cardi come out with one, that would just look bad on Cardi. But with the way these people dickride Cardi i highly doubt it

  18. I figured it this was going to happen. I’m shocked they gave it to her in the first place probably thought it would fail. Cardi should pay attention to this decline cause nicki is way more talented and they are treating her this way.

    1. The Queen radio was a way bigger platform I guess this is what she wanted to do. She may not have a choice now

  19. At the end of the day, they have no answer for Nicki. They sound like sniveling men. If I was Jimmy, Id simply say this: when her songs become as addictive as Sir or Come See About Me, we can talk. Right now, Nicki killing it, so giveCardi an outlet and stfu! Compete! I love Cardi and will, but Nicki and Future boss my playlist now. And thats a fact.

  20. The Queen radio is bigger but whatever she does will be big. For that several month it has helped to change he narrative. I’m not sure if the shaderoom is really tan by a nicki fan but i see way more negative reviews on Cardi now saying it’s the same music and it’s no bars. And giving nicki praise i didn’t see that before. I think Atlantic was way too obvious so people see the nicki hate train

    1. I believe it’s one of the best business decisions a rapper has ever done. I think that people thought it would last a couple of weeks to promote her album. But since so many things were and are happening. Plus the great ratings. It was a “grand slam”. I didn’t realize how smart Nicki is. In a “dumbed down” world. She is always one step ahead. But maybe it’s just me?

  21. She mentiones Cardi that one time and one time only!! Atlantic really working overtime tryna smear Nicki and make Cardi look good! That article about Cardi “eclipsing” Nicki had me in shambles 😂 & the one about Cardi turning down Super Bowl cause of Kaepernick (tryna create the same narrative as Rih)FOH with that bs! Cardi is trash. Period!

    1. When did this happen because she was just wanting her own set at the Super Bowl and I’m sure she’s coming out with maroon 5 since she helped fraud it to #1

  22. As I always said, Nicki need to leave the music industry and go into movies/shows and other endeavors. This music industry seems very toxic. She knows they don’t fuck with her, why does she keeps holding on.

  23. Can you imagine Cardi talking for 30 minutes let along 2 hours. My head hurts thinking about it. Maybe she will do it big by only speaking spanish

  24. I’m LOVINGGGGGGG NICKI MORE THAN EVAAAAAA RIGHT NOW!!!!! lol frfr like G you have my eyes, nose n ears WIDE OPENNNNN lol got us peepin all the game lol THANK YOU…… THANK YOU. 😂😂

  25. G, people are starting to catch on the something powerful is trying to end her career. Would the elites stop trying because it’s coming to light or continue to finish the job no matter what?

    1. They will never let anyone stop them they may chill and just cripple her financial ablity to make the same amount of money. They never stop

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