October 4, 2022

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18 thoughts on “The Truth About The Secrets in The Music Industry – Chapter 1 : Who’s Really Writing?

  1. Can you please continue your Whitney post. I know it’s very hard for you but please if you can find the strength to

  2. I think it’s by your popularity and delivery people care if you have a ghost writer. Like no one stopped listening to Drake after they found out. Then they said Safaree wrote for Nicki and everyone still says it. Alot of things people are willing to overlook if people like you. Drake is a talented individual though ghost writer or not.

  3. Karrine is definitely intelligent. I don’t agree about how she goes about it, but I won’t knock her intelligence. She’s always in survival mode to me, so she has that street hustler edge to it too. Which is why you would think the idiot men would STOP telling her all their business or have around while conducting business.
    I do agree with what she says, but the problem is that they are saying that Drake and others don’t write ANYTHING. Like every rap ever given to them was done by someone else. I don’t think Drake would have a problem with how Karrine explained it, but for those saying he has NO pen game is what pissed him off.

  4. I just read DMX’s autobiography book 2 weeks ago, and dude was a Top writer, lyrical beast in the battles, beating everybody he came across!!

  5. That’s why I respect Foxy Brown. She’s very open about what was written for her and what wasn’t. Jay wrote all the radio songs on Ill Na Na and she wrote the more gritty stuff. He helped her a little on Chyna Doll as did Beanie. But on Broken Silence that was her

  6. G please find out what’s going on with Suge Knight’s son. Need the tea on this. He’s claiming Tupac is alive.

  7. Ok so G what would you say about the ones who just came in the game and they already have a ghostwriter? Like their are a couple of rappers who just decided they wanted to rap like a year or two before they blow up or get signed now. They literally have no talent just what some would call “the look”. And a big push from their label after signing their 360. Would you say that it is equivalent to a singer who doesn’t write, and just performs ? Or should rappers be held to a different standard ?

  8. Honestly, I have no idea who this woman is. But she’s pretty smart.. Why I sense, people don’t like her..?! I don’t understand, why all the drama about only writing your own songs or not. Like who’s holding the bigger dick. It’s what real music is about, collaborating, assisting and feeding of each other. Artists been doing it for a long time. Here were I’m from (Amsterdam, The Netherlands) they call it ” Writerscamp”.

  9. hey this is true. but ill give you tea…In 2007 I meet drake and many other big artists he was just out of degrassit, my X was his friend and ghostwriter. Drake was funny and nice, but all those hits the punch lines and songs. first draft was my Xs. He paid my X off and in 09 my X died in a car crash not able to continue his rap career. Now all those songs on the radio I saw my X write them down. I saw the exchange btw my X for his notebooks full of lyrics. now ill let you know something that you wont agree on. Nicki doesn’t write her own songs. yes nicki writies her rap verses, but that’s pretty much it. I meet her too in 2007 I don’t like her personality shes one of those ppl who think shes better then the other. stuck up and yes shes scary. there was a girl in the studio with us she gave nicki the songs thank you next, good form, see right thru you, stupid hoe, and that’s what I exactly remember. the girl got mad at nicki and tried to fight her, nicki at the time not famous or rich left the city with the lryics and was scared to fight the girl. I know everyone is a big fan, but shes not who she makes herself to be. musc great, personality ugly. but point black ALL artists get ghostwrite and will steal music or break anyone down just to get to the top. this was all in 2007 2008. Drake paid for those lryics and nicki just stole them. I saw this with my own eyes, smh I love nicki music but shes a bitch in person.

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