July 1, 2022

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280 thoughts on “Who or What Do You Want To Know about in Season 8?

  1. I’m a little late, but I’m hoping you could touch base on a few things for me!

    Is there any Kardashian that isn’t down to clown? Anyone that hasn’t sold their soul or their body? Rob?

    Did Taylor Swift have to do rituals and or sacrifices? I remember you saying Clive doesn’t like her bc she said something about everyone partying in the hotel while Whitney had just passed.

    How about Issa? Please tell me she’s not down to sell her soul! She said she went to Diddys for lunch and then hasn’t been back since.

    Also, do you have any more mansion party stories from the 90s and 00s? You know that’s THE BEST TEA!!

    Has Chance had to do any rituals? He seems like such a good man I hope they don’t get him. And how about Kendrick?

    1. I will answer the best I can. I have some more def jam and mansion stories I just have to remember them enough to tell them accurately. I must admit I was drugged out an high for a lot of the later stories.

      The Kardashians are in it but its reality tv so the only sacrifice I can see them having if they did was their father. They perform plenty rituals and I am sure before Kim got on she was doing dubai trips They say Kendall does them now as well as those victoria secret meetings. Kendall has it hooked up so she doesnt have to take the trips to dubai but she cn plan some other way

      Kourtney wants out but it’s har to get out

      Taylor definitely sold her soul

      Issa not yet but sooner or later she gonna have to make decision or they will black ball her

      chance said he hasnt but if you notice he has lost a lot of shine, They will get you one way or the other

  2. Im curious about Tia & Tamera- their come up and where they stand now.

    Also Christina Aguilera. I havent seen a full post on her, pls tell me how to find it if I’m wrong.

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