August 16, 2022

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33 thoughts on “We Reported Reginae Carter’s Boyfriend Was Cheating on Her… Now We Know Details

  1. It’s was “cute” like all relationships in the beginning but I don’t understand .. like girl u have the world at your feet . At her age .. girl focus on building your future . Shit your Wayne’s daughter . GET OUT GIRL !

  2. Anyone with some sense can tell he’s playing her. He have no respect for her basically treating her like a whore. What happened to her being a student at Clark Atlanta? Seem like she went for one semester and never returned.

    1. He is using this girl for clout. Sadly she will understand that in her own timing. HOPEFULLY when she finds that out she will take it as LESSON and not get own social media or anywhere else blaming and trying to fight the women. She is a beautiful young lady I’m hoping for the best for her. Cont school, no babies, make her money, date some ppl until she finds the best one. She has all the time in the 🌎

  3. She’ll have to learn the hard way like most of us. Charge it to the game – once she wakes up it will be game over!

  4. She’s what 19 and he’s in his 30s and she thinks he won’t cheat? That’s why older men shouldn’t date girls her age bc they manipulate them. This is sad in so many ways. I hope she wakes up soon. Smh

  5. She’s young she’s gonna make mistakes.. it’s all apart of learning.. Reginae is thick headed. He’s 30 years old, of course he’s clout chasing. I hope she’s listens to someone soon..

  6. Not a fan of Regina but she’s a cute girl and can do so much better. This girl he’s cheating with shows he has no standards…she seems like a major downgrade. Hopefully she will find someone more humble and respectful…unfortunately it looks like she’s dating her cheating father.

  7. He seem like he is using her. She looks like she is way more into him than he is into her. She is an attractive young lady and have OPTIONS, why settle for this loser? SMH…

  8. I would be trying to maximize my wealth instead of running around with some corny ass nigga. You see Tiny & Ti oldest daughter trying to make moves.

  9. She just young, dumb, and full of cum. Also being that young with a man that much older than you and not having any experience with older is not a good mix.

  10. Welp she will learn. Even when they was on live he was saying “want me get behind it”looking right at the camera slapping her behind and not once said turn the camera off. She gone get seriously hurt soon hopefully she taking notes and keeping what her fam and friends say in the back of her head. Do you know if he’s abusive like they say?!

  11. Unfortunately for her she will have to learn like every1 else. I’m a little surprised her mom is allowing this but she is 18. I wish her well

  12. He’s been messing with another brown skin woman too. Reginae wants to be super grown and all she is doing is effing herself over with this man 10 years older than her, praying she can see clearly

  13. Like many other women myself included you sometimes have to kiss a lot of frogs before you find your prince. She’s young and most of us go through this and have that one boyfriend that had you sprung and looking dumb. She’ll have to really go through the heartbreak and disappointment before she decides to leave. No one can really help her she has to want better for herself .

  14. That’s crazy I get on here just to ask you about this very topic. Smhhhh cause she still with this dude. She gon learn sooner than later.

  15. Can we take a look at juju / Raven – page on IG .. this is the caliber of women / girl / young lady, that he’s used to dealing with 🙄… Reginae is 100% caviar to a nigga that’s been smacking on catfish “nuggets” she will definitely have to get this experience under her belt to realize what and who she deserves to allow in her space / presence / zone 😩… dudes a far cry from BMW JOSH the kid / young man she went to prom with …. Two different breeds of Negro and Pedigree. This saga will continue because she’s living her life in front of the world to judge which sucks and let’s not all pretend that we havent ALL been young and dumb letting some clown fill us up with lies and cum!!!’

  16. What happened to the guy she was with before him? They were together for a while but then I hear she was with Lucci.

  17. Young and dumb, it’s so blatant he’s using her for clout! Maybe this girl coming up pregnant will wake her up🤦🏾‍♀️

  18. She gone wake up when she get that ‘package’ confirmation. Are they not in Atlanta…are these people not afraid of lifelong diseases? Whew…the stupidity.

  19. This too shall pass!! She’s still young.. we’ve all been there. Hopefully she outgrows this dude soon.

  20. My opinion?

    Reginae is SUPPPPPPER immature and you can totally see this is like PUPPY LOVE for her while lucci is (I feel) doing just what y’all just said….

    CLOUT CHASING…. n just using her and fuckn her that’s it. He ain’t that much older than her but she still VERY MUCH has a high school mentality and I truly feel HE IS GOING TO JUST BREAK HER LITTLE HEART…..
    I LOVVVVVE ME SOME LUCCI 💯💯 I listen to his music HEAVY n always had a crush on him…. But I can see his PLAYA in his eyes since he got with her I feel he low key preying on her n therefore when he got with her…. He don’t even turn me on NOMORE lol #FrFr smh…. I’m just sitting back waiting to see the outcome.

  21. This was obvious. She is definitely into him way more than he is with her. Though I find this child super annoying, that is sad that the world can see he’s playing her.

  22. i’m surprised bring around dudes in the business seeing how they treat women even her dad yes he your day but you also got 4 other brothers by 3 diff women… and i know mama toya didn’t raise no fool gotta be something that’s keeping her

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