September 26, 2022

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76 thoughts on “Decipher : Beyonce’ “Hold Up”

  1. Wow thanks for this. I’ve heard some of these before. But i was like naw I’m not agreeing until G confirms. You shed so much light on this. Thanks for doing this. I appreciate you exposing this. God bless you

    1. So we should just sit and talk to each other all the time I guess. That’s the only way we won’t be subjected to the evils of the world. No tv, books, music, etc. everything has something in it.

  2. Not surprised there was something hidden in this video I’m sure that whole album has hidden demonic messages that her fans wanna label her being “deep” and “creative”. I’ve always just skipped pass the little poems and crap she does and get right to the song.

  3. I thought ALL of this when I saw the video. Scary. Off topic but is it possible to try sacrificing someone and it fails? Wondering if Jason Lee tried to sacrifice Melissa Ford.

    1. Scary thought…I hope she pulls through whatever she’s going through. She may need to distance herself from Hollywood…hope it’s not a “you can run but not hide” scenario.

    2. Melissa def needs to get the bad vibes away from her. You have the chick from blood sweat and heels cutting her face a glass and now it’s just escalating…something is definitely after her.

  4. That whole Lemonade special was a ritual. I was scared & never wanted to see it ever again

    It was so demonic & I literally scared after seeing it

    It was so dark & demonic & I couldn’t for the life of me understand what so many fans & celebs are attending these shows

    I mean two burning crosses in the opening performance? is just too much. SMH

      1. I first noticed during the Sasha Fierce ere, but it went to another level during self titled & lemonade

  5. Ok got it so lemonade was her telling us she not innocent bey nomore…. my co worker asked me yesterday have I seen lemonade and he said it scared him watching it lol

  6. These deciphers are really good. Giselle can get away with this one in plain sight because it’s “poetry” or a actual poem and what did we learn about poetry? It can be interpreted in many ways. Even though the language is shifty and weird, 1st thing she will say, but it’s” poetry.”

  7. I haven’t like her music in a long time now. I stopped liking her music after her 1st solo album. Always looked dazed & out of it. My father is a minister & never allowed us to watch Disney movies & we weren’t allowed to listen to “worldly music”. As you get older & have children of your own, you start to see things differently. Thank you for breaking things down to your followers.

  8. You remember when Giselle said Blu isn’t allowed to listen to music when sleeping? They gave you a hint there. But aye our ppl throw themselves in the fire.

      1. Really gets into your conscious mind , no way to stop listening or having words spoken into your spirit

  9. I believe it’s “and said amen and said Amin” it’s amen in Arabic . I’m Muslim and in our culture when a witch or someone who wants the help of demons (we call them djinn) they have to do things to show those demons that they are down with them . Mixing the holy and the dirty . For us blood period is dirty when a woman has her period she can’t pray or touch the Qur’an so for example they’d have to put menstrual blood on it among other things . When I first heard her say “plugged my mensies with pages from the holy book” I got chills I said to myself yep this bitch crazy

  10. Wow. Speechless. All of this makes so much sense. I thought her whole vibe and imagery was off during Lemonade but I don’t know anything about the occult so it went over my head. I knew it was strange tho. And I didn’t like the Lemondade album at all. I’m feeling like she could have chants and shit in her music; putting curses on people and folks wouldn’t even realize it.

  11. Thank god I never sipped on the Gisselle lemonade. Never liked this bitch since she came out with that stupid group of hers. lNever saw the hype lol

    1. Same here! Never was a fan of her screaming…uhm.. I mean singing 😱 this is the first time I watched this vid…in daylight cause its freaking scary!

  12. When I watched Lemonade it was ONLY because all my friends were discussing it. I watched and thought to myself “what kinda crazy shit is this”. Some scenes were definitely demonic, and I skipped through a lot of them. I’m really sensitive to a lot things so if I get a bad vibe from visuals or a song I DO NOT indulge. I no longer watch horror movies either, all of that ish is demonic.

  13. When you watch the whole album and listen it’s basically written in witch language . The videos shows how u channel threw voodoo . But u would only know if your familiar with the rituals .

  14. Giselle smh I stopped liking her again but when she came out with Beyoncé I was like she opening up it’s something different about her and now I see

  15. I’ve never seen any of the videos from Lemonade…nor have I heard any full songs bc I didn’t like any of the snippets…still didn’t like this song but now it’s stuck in my head. The beginning of the video added to that weird poem have completely creeped me out.

  16. Thanks so much for this from the moment I watched this it felt bewitched and sacrificial but of course Every one says you’re crazy when you bring it up…Love love love the decipher segment

  17. So Beyonce didnt write any of that poetry, she got it from one of her favorite poets from Africa. I wonder jf the woman who wrote the poetry is into voodoo… Lemonade was super creepy to me. The videos definitely freaked me out and I couldn’t watch the entire thing alone.

    1. They are giving the idea and basically told what to write about. I am sure the elites had exactly what they wanted out there

    1. So does the ppl that work for these artists have to be down too?

      I ask bc I notice Giselle’s longtime dancer on Twitter is following the illuminati & also has some questionable things on her IG page?

      1. After awhile some get invovled and the ones that arent down they send them packing. I will be talking about dancer danielle polanco who refused to get down with that so nobody works with her anymore

  18. It’s crazy cause I would feel weird about liking this song like something didn’t feel right but I thought I was just paranoid and overthinking it smh

    1. You fucked me up!! That shit always made me think like what is this Eves Bayou shit going on but i fake said the lyrics.

    2. i alwaysssss was like i wonder what she really is saying, even as a child i would be like hmmmm. i literally just listen to this song 2 days ago, and was hella uncomfortable.

  19. lbeard i thought that from the start. I know he try to sacrifice Melissa Ford. Thank God she made it out alive. Melissa have to be careful who she get close to. He was never her friend.

  20. I’m curious to understand the concept of writing in witch language. Are the writers of these songs under some sort of MK/occulting stuff? Or could that be added when songs are backmasked and mastered??

      1. They are hired to write those type of songs and they only work with people of elite status.If you are writing for the elitesand producing for the elites then you yourself are under some sought of controlled structure. All of these songs are salso back masked with some sought of messagse also
      1. Wow, thanks for the info G! I thank God he delivered me and I don’t listen to the music I used to! To just know all the things that happen behind the scenes is enlightening and makes you really think about the agendas that are being pushed.

  21. Wow G you confirmed a whole lot when I first seen this video. I went to winced when I seen this video I can only watch it and little segments cuz it was too much on my spirit and I couldn’t take it but thank you g

  22. Wow I was a fan of DC and when she became solo, but what scared the heck out of me right away was when she came out with that song with lady Gaga. Her lady like appearance was thrown out the window. I was not feeling her anymore … So G how did she just make this demonic album which prob made the elites proud and now they are just going to deactivate her? That’s cray.

  23. I never watched or listened to any of the lemonade album. Just didn’t get the hype and now after this decipher I never will. The video was scary as hell. Thanks for breaking this down. I knew I wasn’t missing anything but the devil and this confirms it.

  24. I’m seriouslt in awe with these lyrics lol I haven’t really listened to any of her albums passed dangerously in love lol I can’t belive it

  25. Thank you again G. I believe you are doing LOVE’s (GOD’s) purpose and through your messages we not only learn, we share. I have already mentioned you with a few trusted friends. They understand that the message is worth 5 dollars and even more. If we all just open up 2 more people, and they open up 2, and so on and so on, we (as a collective whole) can make a Hugh difference for the better. No one will be able to stop you because LOVE concurs all…….

  26. So I just want to know why “Occultists have always considered menstrual blood to be potent and charged with “life force which is why it is often used in occult rituals”. What does it do?

  27. Lemonade was definitely my fave Bey album but those poems 😐 those poems gave me the creeps and Beys voice on 6 inch heels/the video 😣 gave me the creeps. I couldn’t listen to or watch the movie at night. I did once while driving at night and, to this day, I still remember how uneasy and paranoid I felt 😕

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