August 16, 2022

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41 thoughts on “Word Has It: Article #9

  1. Well, she deserves an Oscar for her acting skills because I believed that she may have felt guilty, upset &/or sad! Damn joker 🙄

  2. I heard the same . They just didn’t want her to seem like she didn’t care but us on this blog know the truth . She choose her career and in my opinion it seems super fake (the tears) . It’s like ok little girl move along and let him Rest In Peace instead of making it all about you

  3. Yes the photos with her looking all sad outside with her boyfriend look so staged. If she is really that sad she would be in the house somewhere not in none place for the paps to take photos probably was her manager took the photos and sent them in the the shaderoom

  4. I’ve been hearing this too! she’s been walking around all sad and mopey and people are more focused on that then Mac, her team done found a way to turn everything around and make his death all about her which is disrespectful smh

  5. I’m telling you G after you broke down the rihanna level story and how she moved up the ranks because she down for whatever they Throw at her, and after seeing how Ariana moves and constantly hearing how she two faced and puts nothing and nobody before her career damn near…wouldn’t surprise me if she is able to move up to or at least real close to Diamond level herself in the years to come! Judging by her actions and need for fame & attention!

  6. How come they say pete is jealous of the “deadman”? And nervous that ari is gonna breakup with him because he is not on her “level”. However if that was so…. why would she even get with him after leaving mac? Sounds soo much deeper🤷🏽‍♀️

    G let me know!

  7. True all the way. When she posted that shit I wish I could of saved you. Man I didn’t believe that for a second. She’s into drugs as well and he was too. They enabled each other. But i don’t buy for a second he overdosed. It doesn’t feel right.

  8. I knew it was all fake. I feel like the same thing happened with that “bombing” in Manchester. It seems like everywhere she goes it’s a cloud of controversy and everything gets turned back on her to make it seem like she’s the victim: Manchester, Aretha’s funeral, Mac Miller’s death … it’s a daggon shame.

  9. Crazy?!?! Why did she respond in the first place? SMH… II’v heard she really isn’t a good person and have a terrible attitude.

  10. I mean she dated him for 2 years yeah she’ll be sad but do people expect her to be crying for the rest of her life she’s engaged asf lol

  11. She always seemed very fake and calculated to me. Not sure if she sacrificed Mac but I believe this one for sure.

  12. I mean if she wasn’t that sad I don’t blame her they weren’t even together anymore. Now not caring at all idk but every situation is different. The only way I might not care if someone I was with passed is if he abused me or something.

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