October 4, 2022

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37 thoughts on “Word Has It! Article 7

  1. Not surprised. While his wife had more kids with him & now just posts expensive gifts thinking she has a prize. Did they finally get that reality show?

    I love when Desus & Mero clowned his cheating self & I hope the mistress exposes him

  2. Damn this fool will never learn…..I hope this IG model put him on full blast and I hope the wife take all his shit and leave him this time.

  3. She gonna forgive him for some bags shoes and have another baby as revenge.. 18 more years envy. She ain’t stupid.

  4. The ones that boast the most about their wives seem to be out there living the lie. Check on Steve Harvey next! That’s another one I don’t believe is faithful. Envy screams of cheater to me though. But they are in it for the long run. He’s not leaving and neither is she.

  5. Not this picture perfect couple… listened to a snippet of him and Charlamagne talking about the Nicki and Cardi beef … Envy used to ride for Nicki now he’s on Cardi side talmbout she deserved it and it didn’t matter where they were pull up… SMH 🤦🏾‍♀️ 🙄

  6. Not surprised and its expected. He has been with her since H.S. Who knows themselves and what they want in a spouse at that age? He never had the chance to sow his oats when he had the chance, so i hope she knows that he is always going to cheat. A cheater will always cheat but find a better way to not get caught. I don’t feel sorry for her. unfortunately, he is in that marriage for the kids only. deep down he is miserable and will put a front. He has love for her but he damn sure ain’t in love with his wife. Never was.

  7. I can’t stand him and I’m not surprised. Erica can be lot of things but he talked about her like a dog. People were saying he treated like a wife for a second people that know his real wife thought Erica was it.

  8. His wife love dressing them alike and fronting 4 the gram at least if you gonna stay for financial reasons she better have a side nigga 😂😂😏I wonder who the Instagram thot is 🤔

  9. if they think they can get away with it they will do it… and that wife ain’t going nowhere no time soon… she loves the lifestyle…

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