October 5, 2022

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36 thoughts on “The Truth Behind Kanye West Finally Addressing Drake, Nick Cannon and Tyson Beckford

  1. There’s a few things I can’t ride with Drake on & one of those things is how he handles falling out with ppl. He’s said some real reckless things about his famous exes yet if there’s an opportunity to gain publicity by being somewhere they’re at or a temporary olive branch for a possible collab, he falls right back in line & begging at their feet but never apologizes

    He hardly ever takes the high road & let’s false rumors linger if it somehow gives him street cred

    At the end of the day Kanye is married & that’s his wife so why now do ppl want to be disrespectful?

    Nick really needs to stop running his mouth as it has cost him Mariah already. Nobody likes a man kissing & telling. SMH

  2. Kanye is right! Speaking on HIS wife and mother of his kids is not ok. People want to call Kim a hoe because of a sex tape that was leaked over a decade ago. Everyone has a past and she should not be constantly disrespected for being a normal human being. He is absolutely right for saying something because any woman in a relationship would expect their man to defend their honor against other men disrespecting them. And nick cannon is especially lame because he got mad over the Eninem and Mariah situation but now saying he can say what he wants about someone else’s wife? Tf type of double standard is that.

  3. This is the first time in the longest that I agree with EVERYTHING Ye said. All the parties that he mentioned are being reckless

  4. Drake not obligated to do shit.

    Nick not obligated to do shit. Tho he is messy as hell.

    And if Tyson don’t like her body why can’t he say that?

    Y’all will say anything about anything, when it’s your fave we gotta respect THEIR marriage? MARRIAGES ARE OBVIOUSLY NOT OFF LIMITS. If so apply to EVERYONE.

    Ye doesn’t respect his own family or wife, no one will. You got the clear for Xstacy and think that shit cool to Kris’ kid. I smell BULLSHIT.

    FURTHERMORE Ye got mad when Wiz said he was smoking KK.. WEED. So for now on we gotta skip K in the alphabet or we’re mentioning Kim and them.

    Fuck out the way

    1. Definitely a double standard when it comes to the Kardashian’s. It’s like they can do no wrong. Kanye doing all this talking because he got a new album coming out, he’s not slick…

  5. Lastly, I hate when ppl double back. First he was apologizing to Drake which didn’t work lol now he addressing him? Address on site or hussshhhhh

  6. Drake knows that Kanye’s wife is his heart, so he’s willfully letting that story ride because he’s petty. In reference to the song about the Sister in laws he addressed that and on top of that all of them promoted the song so they know he was playing. Anyway glad he covered his wife, people remain mad because they hate that this man loves Kim the way he does, they hate that she’s winning at life so they hop on anything negative and run with it.

  7. There seems to be a certain delusion when it comes to the kardashians it seems. Personally I don’t care for them not do I have anything against them. However, I do see that they are a people of double standard, which is like everyone else, but they are judged more harshly. What I’m waiting on is for G to do a back story on the mk ultra surrounding them, whom their handler is, and their true back story, bc I can’t believe for the life of me that a mother who has pushed her baby humans out her vagina allows them to carry on the way they do which is on permanent sex kitten status…no the Kardashian’s are not the bad guys always; but they are def not innocent either

    1. 100!!!! I would also like to hear the back story about the gay rumors surrounding Kanye West and Ricardo Tisci and when he moved to France to be with his “gay lover”

  8. Instead of “Marsha” they should just insert Kim .. like her bestie Jonathan said .. “ it’s ALL about Kim” the person everyone’s LOVES to hate .

  9. Crazy… But I do hope Ye goes on Wild N Out though.
    Side note: I got notification in my email about the story of the drummer accusing Giselle of assault but when I click on it the page says the story cant be found

  10. So he have a problem with people talking about his wife but it was cool for him to slut shame Amber Rose and dragging her and her son when she never did anything to him ?! The goddamn nerves ! Her wife is famous because of a sextape people are always going to talk about her he better suck it up

  11. OK, so I’m gonna call it for what it is, as an outsider looking in. I do not feel bad for Kim nor Kanye, because at the end of the day they do dirt as well. Kim was the very one who called out Rhymefest over Donda’s house, which had nothing to do with her, but then when somebody else says anything about her, i.e. Tyson, all of a sudden everybody have to take up for her and call the Calvary in. Kanye feels he can talk about everybody else’s girlfriend, wife or baby‘s mama. This includes Amber, bash, Beyonce, Jay-Z, even his ex-girlfriend who is married and pretty much anybody who he wants to. However, when somebody says anything about Kim or his shit, he immediately cries foul. He purposely told Pusha all of that shit on Drake, the same Drake who have been working on his projects just like Rhymefest, and then when Drake goes to come after him because he’s “sensitive”, then Drake is picking on Kanye! Instigator……. then victim, Kanye was wrong. He knew Pusha and Drake’s history! He’s always doing vengeful shit! He acts all high and mighty, can claim MAGA, support racist ass Trump and anything else he wants, and people accept it. I call bullshit. He really is like the kid on the playground, who can talk shit about other people and start shit but when somebody comes for them (him and Kim), he’s ALLL in his emotions! And I am not hating on him and his wife know you’re tripping off of them winning at life. But the truth is the truth.

  12. Kanye Kanye KANYE! *sighs* where to start. Kanye is being delusional if he thinks, Drake, who is still TRYING to accept/admit that he knocked up a pornstar, who thought he(Kanye) ratted him out, is going to do a solid and clear the air about Kim. Truth is Drake is STILL pissed that the information about the kid,( which was put out a YEAR ago by the PORN STAR/BABY MAMA), “leaked out”. Sure the DNA was not 100% confirmed at THAT time, but SHE(Porn Star) put that information(possibility of a child) out … NOT Kanye OR Pusha. But Drake in his anger and disappointment about the mess HE made doesn’t realize that. Kanye don’t hold your breath waiting for that Drake clearing.

  13. It doesn’t matter what Kanye says, people worship Drake regardless of whether he’s right or wrong. People don’t go against him very often…So this should be interesting.

  14. Drake just mad he can’t be like ye and walk proudly with his porn star bm… he’s insecure and cares what people think he better embrace that shit

  15. Yeah you know what the tea here is… why did he mention Rihanna like that was Drakes Kim? Interesting. But Kiki being Kim? I always felt he was covering for saying Riri?

  16. You married a Hoe! Kim has fucked a lot of men before she was married and her Husband has to deal with it . Freedom of Speech is Freedom of Speech !

  17. Most people on here seems to comment on Kanye making noise about other guys wives or kids – so rightfully so – their shouldn’t be a problem with Drake Nick or Tyson talking about Kim. Since when has two wrongs equal a right? Last time Kanye was on that shit – was before he went into the hospital and had that break down. All those things he made noise about – whether it was Wiz, Amber or mention Giselle – he basically repented of all those decisions and made piece with all of them. Drake knows exactly what he’s doing – he knows Kim is the most sensitive spot on Kanye and he can continue to push that false narrative to mess with Kanye and create some hype on the songs. Problem I have is he can do all of that but still can’t respond to Push. That dude Nick seems to be seriously obsessed with Kim – lost your marriage because her name is continuously coming it your mouth. But you’re still reminiscing and fantasizing about the woman.

  18. I love ❤️ how Kanye stood up for his wife.

    I can’t help but wonder if he’d do that for his African-American wife, sisters in laws , and Mom in law? Ya know, if married an African American

    …..just a thought. Carry on.

  19. Kanye is reaching… he needs to get his head out of Kim’s ass. He was just apologizing to Drake, now he’s mad? Kanye needs his meds readjusted, again.

  20. I didnt know Nick was STILL talking avout Kim. Living in the past. Geez! Who like a dude that talks? Shut up Nick! No one needs to know who you slept with. Respect all of those women.

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