October 6, 2022

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51 thoughts on “Sugar Cubes. Exclusive! Drummer Kimberly Thompson Accuses Giselle Of Sexual Assault Via Witchcraft

  1. So maybe she needs to employ Glenda The Good Witch as her defense attorney in a case overseen by The Wizard Of Oz… 😁

      1. Hey G, I heard she was 44 years old. If not i think she in atlest 41. I’m shock that this story came out because they always hiding her secrets from the public.

      2. Once I read an Ebony or Essence magazine, and it said She was like 19, and then like two years later she was still 19! She’s definitely lying about her age.

  2. Well G, you did the post about Farrah Franklin started to get sick out of nowhere and she had a strange feeling Giselle and Tina was using magic then. But what got me is why haven’t Giselle used some of that black magic on her husband and not his mistresses? Also, it would be hard for her to put a spell on Madonna and Rihanna. Two reasons: 1) Madonna is Catholic turned Scientologist and 2) Rihanna might be practicing Santeria, I’m not quite sure. Plus, Barbados is a British country. Damn! Now, I finally figured the last part of this! Check this out. Rihanna, Denzel, Gwyneth, Kelsey Grammer, even Karrine “Superhead” Steffans. All of them and plenty of more celebrities from The US Virgin Islands, but mostly The British Virgin Islands most of them are still alive? How? The British Virgin Islands is control by the Queen Elizabeth II. Isn’t The Queen is part of the bloodline? Yep! Now Superhead on the other hand was born on The US Virgin Islands, she still is safe. Idk how, but she is safe.

      1. Denzel is from NY, but his mom is Bajan. She is from Barbados. And yes Gwyneth is from LA, but her great grandma is Bajan too. So it makes alot of since that their family members are apart of British monarchy.

    1. She cannot fuck with Rihanna. Please KNOW that. Rih is HEAVILY protected. If ol girl tried to come for her, she’d probably drop dead. Straight up. Her magic is nothing compared to what Rihanna has. I’m trying to figure out why she (Giselle) hasn’t used more on her husband either. But she’s done something to him. I think he may be deteriorating on the inside. Who knows 🤷

      1. I honestly think Giselle has taken her marriage vows seriously. Yes it’s a “contract” as well but she’s gonna ride with him. It’s a image to uphold she can’t be proven wrong.

      2. I just told you how. By two ways. Her native country which is controlled by Queen Elizabeth II. The same Queen Elizabeth II who and the rest of The Windsor- Mountbatten family practice who pratice satanism who shift shape into reptilian. And the other way is Santeria religion. There is no way Giselle can battle Rih.

    2. Took the words out of my mouth . I love how u put this together . As soon as I seen this I thought if Farrah and how they did her when they wanted her out . The industry has become a hot mess . Hence the new rock n roll .

      1. I believe it’s because she intimidated B and her Mother . And some believe there was something going on with her and Mathew .

    3. All true! Plus in the Islands you got people practicing Santeria, voodoo, Hoodoo and other magic most people never even heard of because of the mix of backgrounds there. There’s some middle eastern magic that’s crazier than anyone can imagine and isn’t well known or talked about that can’t be touched by Giselle’s voodoo. Giselle was much more focused on using her shit for her career and trying to be on top than worried about Jays mistresses for a long time. Honestly I get the feeling some of the people she had doing her work were half ass doing it but taking her $$ anyways and when you do stuff yourself if you’re not completely focused it either has mixed results or backfired on you. Either way, karma comes for everyone at some point regardless of spiritual beliefs.

  3. G can we get an exposé of all of Giselle’s satanic & demonic things she’s done in this industry?

    Also, why is Letoya & Farrah sucking up to her like they weren’t kicked out of the group & had stalled careers?

    Giselle doesn’t seem like she has actual friends & relies on ppl sucking up to her & the dark messages in her music & performances that her fans worship

  4. Maybe some of it is true and some of it she just blames Beyoncé for because she knows she is into magic l. As far fetched as it sounds it is also taking a big risk going against a artist you worked for and going against Beyoncé. I think she may have killed the cat. Hell i know regular people that would do that to someone that didn’t like

      1. G I do remember a song she sings talking about her mother taught her magic in I think a song in lemonade also how can they do that to her and she’s Lucy

  5. Honestly with how much of a hot mess Jay-Z has been in their marriage I wouldn’t b surprised if he dies soon because of all of it.

  6. Giselle must have a thing for female drummers. It was rumored she had a fling with Bibi McGill, another drummer who worked with her.

  7. I was waiting for you to comment on this! I wasn’t even shocked when I heard about it, because you told us all along what was up!

  8. Well she does have a song called Kitty Kat, maybe she took it a lil too far … honestly I don’t put anything past anyone in the industry!

  9. I remember hearing about B and her drummer on lsa a few years back and couldn’t believe it. But now, I’ve heard too many stories of Giselle and women. Also correlates with the story G wrote about Sole’. So both her and Jay been creeping so what’s the big deal about infidelity

  10. Either she’s gonna disappear OR they’re gonna make everyone believes she’s crazy until it drives her crazy 😩😩

  11. There’s a lot of symbolism in this story to decode…it’s likely not actually true. And it’s just a cover for Giselle to come out of the “broom closet” so she convert the masses to the occult.. She is goddess level, feels she should be worshipped, she’s already had a church service about her, and I read her and J were looking flo churches to buy..

    1. Bey literally has alters and occult symbolism is all of her videos… This story comes as no surprise to anyone who is paying attention

    1. The mother has always looked like a witch to me. She just has that evil look like she practices dark magic or something. I wouldn’t be surprised if Solo and Giselle were taught the same. There is a reason why Michelle was so tormented and spooked in the group. She knows something.

  12. I feel like showing this to all the people who say this page targets and Hates Giselle you may not care for her but ratings for being non bias even if I believe she’s a witch😂😂😂 #realmvp

  13. Once their thru with you all gloves and bets are off… Then they come hard with it but this is all part of the deal. I guess they forget they signed up for this part as well. .

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