October 4, 2022

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41 thoughts on “The Truth Behind Cardi B Not Going To Rihanna’s Diamond Ball

  1. Sigh… Why must people who are fans of others be constantly called out of their name? Geez. Someone being followed on social media really isn’t a big deal and if it is, that’s sad.
    Anyway, I was peeping her publicist and I was like NO MA’AM. I need Cardi to revamp and go with the flow since she is already in it. Hopefully she can recover. She is young and has a lot of growing up to do. Honestly, even though I’ve never been a Nicki fan (although I like about 3 of her songs), I want both ladies to win. It can be done but BOTH of them are gonna have to check those emotions and egos at the door.
    I thought that they had squashed their bs or was attempting to at the Met Ball thing.
    Anyway, Cardi needs to understand that it’s okay to be from the hood but you have gotta elevate and adjust when removed from that environment. I hope this all gets worked out soon.

    1. I agree with Rihanna on this one. Cardi needs to stay away for a lil bit and revamp her image. Hopefully they dont send her to “rehab”… she isnt buikt for hollywood, so my thing is, as sokn as she gets enough money, she needs to bow out gracefully… because she is not going to make it long.

      1. I agree. I think she had a misconception about how this industry works and after seeing that publicist of hers, obviously the wrong folks around her gassing her up. It’s just like working in corporate. You’ve got to elevate. You can be humble and remember your roots but… You’ve got to grow up and toughen up.

  2. I don’t think Cardi is going to go with it smh. She’d be dumb not to but she’s a bubble head, who thinks the way she is will get her far! She’s about to learn the hard way

  3. With everything that is going on with Cardi, I don’t blame Rihanna. No need for her to mess up her charity coins just to invite one person, who needs a moment to get it together.

  4. I have so many question . I read something about an A-list female rapper possibly having a sex tape . On top of that I seen a blind item saying something about a A list female rapper possibly being blackballed another A list singer . G .. girl.. I know if anyone knows the “true tea” it’s you 🤔

    1. Yeah I saw the sex tape blind item, apparently the video is of an A List female rapper taking coke and having sexual with 2 guys

      1. And considering there are only a few . Although I’d hat to see anyone’s career suffer ..the 🍵🍵 is 🔥

  5. You good point before. Nicki isn’t stopping Cardi money. Cardi is. Plus nicki worked with her so how could she tell other people not to work with her.

  6. I honestly don’t feel bad for Atlantic or any of them they shoved her down everyone’s throat and made her move fast and she wasn’t ready she didn’t put in work like others they should’ve let her work her way up but they didn’t now they feel dumb everyone isn’t built for this shit and there’s a time and place she won’t get rid of that girl at all and they’ll have no choice to shelf her or stop backing her. Age has nothing to do with it or even environment 90% of the pioneers came from more difficult situations than she did and they elevated. I’m younger than her by a few years and is way more mature she needs to grow up and realize her career can be over before she knows it. My grandmother used to say “as fast as god gave it to you he can take it away”

  7. Being “young” is no excuse for acting a fool. And how “young” must one be for that to be a valid reason to try to fight someone over an internet opinion? To me, a person in their 20s isn’t young. 14 is young.. 20+ is just an ignorant, childish adult that should know better and have better self control.

  8. I’m confused at how cardi is allowed to have her own p.r person. I thought once you sell your soul that you have no control over your circle or affairs. I’m so confused bcs if they really hv a handler over her and mk ultra treatments she sure seem to be in control of acting a Mess

    1. she can have her own pr person but Atlantic ain’t paying them and you have to remember she is still new in the game this stuff takes time lol yall want her to be sudued 1 year in lol

  9. See this is why Rihanna is on top. She made the right decision. Cardi needs to grow up and get some new people around her that can rebuild her image. Too much baffoonery!

  10. Her PR is from Delaware where I live and she just had this trash ass event that was so hyped up-bottles service, vendors, dj’s, celebrity guest, vip tables etc and did NOT deliver. I was there to witness a few of my friends pay nearly $600 for a “vip table with 2 bottles” and they got brown liquor poured from a water bottle, 1 food truck and the 2 hr open bar for general admission was a water ice truck serving a 6oz cup of water ice and henny, Cardis sister and Jason lee were there and that’s it. She finessed a grip of people out of money-at least 20k. So I don’t dispute that Cardi got the wrong ppl around her from what I know bout this chic

      1. The event was called Trapstock-an outdoor party. Vip tables (2 bottles/a bottle girl/food) went for as little as $500 for 6 ppl up to $1000. Gen admission was $45/$65 which came with 2 hr open bar. Was supposed to be vendors, lots of food trucks, etc. Apparently she sold so many tix the first venue-Bellevue Park, backed out. The night b4 an email was sent out to all tix holders w/new location. A wedding venue out in the middle of nowhere. She added more tables-$1200 and up. My girl and i got there (we were gen admission) at 4…it started at 2…they were still setting up picnic tables and tents. There was no liquor anywhere. 2 food trucks. Ppl started showing up, still no liquor. No 2 hr open bar. Around 6 they had a water ice truck and started a line to give ppl henny and water ice. 1 6oz cup. I heard one girl telling another to go on a liquor run cuz they’re running out. Around 7:30 I’m sitting at my boys table-they paid $600-they still didn’t have liquor. There’s at least 25 tables out there. Some”bottle girl” comes up with a used water bottle full of some brown liquor and hands it to my boy and is like keep it on the low. Anyway long story short lol ppl got bsmboozled. No liquor or bottles-at least 1000+ ppl there. I overheard The owner of the spot pissed that there was sooo many ppl. The next day cardis pr chic was like it was the best event on the east coast. Ummmm def not.

  11. Rihanna is not with the shits. She hasn’t been close to Nicki in years yet there’s no public beef and she doesn’t choose sides. Rih is handling this right 👏🏾Cardi is gonna have to grow up or get kicked out

  12. i love cardi and i know she going to be who she is all day everyday but sometimes you gotta leave the VH1 alone if you tryna get in E

  13. All I know is that these new kids on the block…believe in that onsite means onsite…..funeral, wedding ,in church they just don’t care ……its sad

  14. I bet now they gone make her take those etiquette classes which is good and sometimes you lash out and weight is lifted so moving forward hopefully she just worry about her life her baby and her money. The rest is irrelevant even offset and his baggage

  15. Hi Gina,

    This isn’t related but I just saw that Lauren Hill took Nas and Santigold off her tour. What exactly is wrong with her? Her mental state seems to be waaay off? Why can’t she get it back together?

  16. I don’t blame Riri. She’s celebrating a successful lingere line, fashion line, makeup line & more & TPTB said hey we want to continue the good press for this charity event.

    Over 650 ppl attended even some of the LHH crew & Tiffany Haddosh & so far not a peep of any mess or drama happening

    Like Cardi or not she still has a chance to rebound with the right image rebrand. She still has a lot of supporters & ppl that want to see her win & some ppl who are simply just over certain ppl as well. She also needs to drop Offset bc he’s not going to stop cheating & lowkey feels a way of how successful she became so quickly

    I hope she listens to the advice of what the next phase of the plan moving forward is before the elites force her to

  17. Like I been saying, Cardi’s A list friends were paid for. Whether or not nick and rhi and besties is irrelevant when it comes to business and dealing with the upper echelon. Rihanna doesn’t want her or her brand to be affiliated with trash, especially since she built herself back from the episode of her and chris in ’08.

  18. Smh, so her “publicist” isn’t even a real PR nor does she have experience?!? Cardi’s loyalty to people who ain’t doing shit for her is gonna end her career faster then you predicted!🤦🏾‍♀️😂😂

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