August 16, 2022

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37 thoughts on “The Real Truth Behind The Lil Kim and Nicki Minaj Beef : Part 4

  1. Exactly why I say legends come and go. There’s gonna come a time where people don’t even know Lil Kim, 2pac, biggie and other legends from the 90’s and think that The rappers of today are the ones who are true legends with no one before them who paved the way! it may sound SUPER crazy and even sad to the people who experienced that classic music but it’s true! Your not gonna be the top bitch forever in my opinion which Is why when you are you use that power and fame to make other business endeavors so that when the music stops selling or people aren’t paying attention anymore you still living good with your other investments!

  2. 👑🐝IDC KIM WILL ALWAYS BE NUMBER 1🅿️I like Nikki but no matter what Kim look like, act like, or sound like…She’s Queen❤️

  3. I think Kim was looking to get some kind of monetary gain out of it as well… Or some type of recognition from Nicki, more than just a mention.. I think that pissed her off too. If Nicki would’ve put her on some songs, brought her out on stage, put her in her videos, like worshipped her, she would’ve been alright….. But Nicki wasn’t doing that. Lol

  4. Thanks G! Yeah I think expecting constant homage is excessive and I agree Kim had is having a hard time with her being on top. Nicki wasn’t as humble in certain situations as she could have been – but maybe it was her being immature.

  5. Wasn’t young money also messing with Kim and studied her, her style, etc etc and then dropped her and picked up Nicki to put all that they got from Kim in her? Not sure if I read that on ur old IG account or somewhere else but man this is deep and goes alll the way back-

  6. I know if I was Lil Kim, I would NOT be invested in mentioning or discussing Nicki Minaj. Just like Mariah Carey, “Idk her.” I’m not wasting my interview time or moment to discuss a woman that “I don’t like” or “that doesn’t threaten me”. #CaseClosed

  7. The crazy thing about this beef is that Kim is blessed to still be alive to witness another rapper taking her spot. The greats in hip hop (Big, PAC) were killed before they could be deactivated or replaced. So many male hip hop artists have died/ females don’t have that fear. I think Kim, then Nicki should bow out gracefully. I doubt Cardi lasts 10 years and neither will her replacement unless they find someone with actual talent.

  8. I feel like Nicki’s rap persona has always been cocky and a low key bully. She like the Mayweather of rap….always bragging, showing off, and then showing up and shutting it down. Nothing about Nicki from day one has ever been humble, that’s her niche. The only thing Fendi, Deb, Young Money, or management has done to change Nicki was to add hella sex appeal. I’m not shocked or surprised if Nicki was rolling her eyes at Kim or whatever, I trust Nicki was in full character all the time ready to bodied anyone who dared…male or female as she was tested often as the newbie. I wasn’t originally a fan of Nicki, I’m a huge Kim fan and forever will be… new artist will ever change that period (and there will always be a new artist). However after doing some homework, I am now a Nicki fan as well…..she straight sick with it. I respect her talents and the craftsmanship. Nothing has changed since she was 20 years old except adding crazy sex appeal. 50 cent was just as cocky and quick to shot a shoot at rappers he never even knew…’s rap!! Rap is competitive! Nicki is competitive! She’s an artist and she dope as hell. If she was less cocky she’d be wack as hell! Can you imagine Mayweather in the ring fighting humble?!? BIH BYE!!!

    1. It always been about bars for me and that’s why I love Nicki and I use luv foxy but it hurt my heart when I found out nas and Jay-z had a big hand writing her bars

      1. Exactly, I feel like that cockiness is what rubbed Kim the wrong way. I think when she talks about paying homage, she really is talking about whenever she saw her she wasn’t humble and didnt give her the respect, so yeah she may have paid homage on camera or whatever but the respect didn’t translate in real life. And Cancers are sensitive like that so it makes sense.

        I love Nicki but she is reaping what she sowed that’s the truth….pride comes before a fall, As long as she’s learning lessons and does better going forward then she’ll be fine.

  9. Now this shit here, this is why we fucks with this blog. Nobody is guna give us this type of insight on what is really going on with our faces! Thank you!

  10. Thanks for this G… I was really wondering what in the whole hell was going on and why this would not die…

  11. So long story short this is all about bruised egos. Let it go, Kimberly and put out records or rebrand yourself into something better. I’m not a Nicki fan like that but she doesn’t have to name drop you in every interview knock that off lol

  12. I was trying to keep up with Kim’s stories… I do believe Kim’s backstage story.. but I don’t believe that Nicki was taking shots at her on every record. Kim just wanted a reason to be mad.

    1. ONe thing Charlacoon was right about All the women always swear somebody taking shots but the men do the same thing and nobody thinks hey are taking shots

  13. Thanks G I knew some of this but there were gaps in between that needed to be filled in. One especially that Fendi was obsessed with Kim. Which is probably why he set that interview up for Maino to do that. Now when I look back it all makes sense. He was angry with nicki for going to deb cause he changed her image and gave her the name Minaj. I mean I can see why he’d be mad but as a man I think he shouldn’t constantly throw shots at her.

  14. G. You broke this all the way down. I thought I knew a few things turned out I didn’t know anything. Thank you!

  15. Crazy that these 5 female rappers; Foxy Brown, Lil Kim, Remy Ma, Nicki Minaj, and Cardi are all from NY and beefing with one or another . SMH. NY women seem to hold drudges longer.

  16. Your conclusion makes the most sense. This “beef” was one of the most annoying beefs ever, now same with Cardi.

  17. Thank you for this G! I always thought that this beef was petty, and you definitely confirmed it. It’s hard to blame them though, when the industry makes it seem like there has to be ONE female on top. After all of these years, it finally makes sense. You’re the truth!

  18. I’ve been a fan of Kim since I could babble words (my mom was BIG on Kim, Lauryn, Missy, Eve, Foxy, & Brat). I remember the Kim & Foxy beef as a kid. I always stuck with Kim. Well back when Beam Me Up Scotty came out, i was like in middle school & I liked Nicki. She had that spit fire fr.. maann, I still remember when that rapper Keys the Problem disses Nicki.. maan.. but I’ve always seen both sides of the beef with Kim.. But maaan! They just need to shock the world because they really broke barriers. There’s always room for more than one Queen!!

  19. If Nicki doesn’t have to give credit to Kim anymore, then why does Nick want Cardi to bow down? Regardless of how long it was since Kim made music, she literally stole everything Kim did, claimed it as her own, and now considers herself original. Now when Cardi wears pink or DreamDoll wears inches, they suddenly want to be her (Barbie Tingz). Either Nicki’s yes men team has stroked her ego way too many times or she has literally tricked herself into believing her own hype and now her mean girl behavior has caught up to her. She can’t be mad at Atlantic, because just like Cash Money was making sure to put her in the top spot at all costs, Atlantic is pulling the same thing for Cardi.

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