August 16, 2022

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37 thoughts on “Kylie’s 21st Birthday Party – What Happened?

  1. Tristan will get exposed again and she will have to leave. Scott and Sophia are about to breakup very soon too. Kourtney is single again so Scott will be back to run behind her hoping for another chance. They will have another kid together at least.

    1. I thought Scott and Sophia already broke up? … Don’t mind me, I could be wrong because I don’t really follow the Kardashian-Jenner news

  2. This party looks like fun and I liked her second outfit….but thats all the compliments I’m given on that. Fuck boi Tristan just been swinging that meat to anybody….not a care in the world he in a “relationship” and have a baby girl & son. I see French and Khole getting back together in some type of way.

    1. And French is out here looking like a whole meal right now too… he’s Khloes Kanye, just waiting on her to decide he’s the one this whole time!

  3. Wait, what was Dave Chapelle doing there…. he been hanging with a lot of celebrities, stripe clubs parties that’s not like him.. maybe he just having some fun.

    1. Seems like he’s back in the good graces of the elite. What he did to get back there? I’m not sure
      We all know about his big comeback with the Netflix specials though and I believe everyone who does a huge deal with Netflix got some type of extracurriculars going on..

    2. Funny I just saw him last night at a club in Atlanta. He looks so different from the Chappelle Show days. Hmm

      1. You heard his cousin say he was a clone…..idk if he is but he isn’t the sAme he isn’t even that funny anymore and I loved ole Dave C another one has bit the good ole dust

  4. Dave missed the lifestyle…Khloe’s mouth was rated top 5 I think.. I like Scott and Sofia…don’t really see him with Kourtney again but after the deaths of his parents, the K Klan is his family. No Rob?

    1. I don’t care what anyone says that is NOT the same Dave Chapelle we fell in love with. Kylie Jenners birthday party??? There is no way in hell he would be there as the REAL Dave Chapelle.

  5. Speaking of Nicki Minaj album. That hoe was lit🔥. I could listen from beginning to end. Okay back on subject. Tristan don’t give a damn bout Khloe..

  6. Khoe has her baby. She REALLY wanted that. But her dream man will NOT be the child’s father. She just needs to build a blended family and call it a day.

  7. I always loved Khloe! She seems like a good woman and a great partner. You can tell from how she cared for Lamar when he was ill even after all his bs and them already damn near being divorced. I hope she gets her happily ever after with a great man.

  8. I see once Kourtney boo was caught out with another girl Khloe was all over shaderoom throwing shade knowing she was just in that situation and didn’t like the comments. That’s what i don’t like about her. She can work out her relationship and wants privacy and understanding but doesn’t extend that to others.

    1. I just said that on instagram! Khloes relationships are always a hot mess but she’s always in the middle of her sisters and friends talking shit on the guy! But when it comes to hers no one can say shit.

  9. Are the guests really friends of Kylie or do certain people get invites? Like Draya or Ashley…
    I don’t think Khloe knows what do with real love- earlier seasons of show I think Omarion or someone like that told her he was always in love with her and she denied him, then married Lamar that had a “it’s compliacted” life. Then French caught feelings from a set up relationship and she leaves him to end up having a baby with another “it’s complicated” guy… I think she gets more caught up in the what love could be in her head rather than what love is that’s reality- idk maybe I have no idea what I’m talking about but it sounds about right from what I see- Just get back with strength Khloe- stop reaching for something that might never come-

  10. Saw Tristan in the Gucci store in June in Toronto. A day or so after Khloe’s bday. He was pulling a chicks digits (she looked similar to Khloe btw). His boy who was entirely too short and not cute enough started to pretend he was talking to the chick once they noticed even the staff is taking notes of his behavior. He is a cheater. Plain & simple. French has been looking extra good these days.

  11. This party looked hella lit. I can’t lie. People hate the Kardashians, but one thing about them, they are WANTED by many. Khloe and Tristan definitely won’t make it, but she’ll bounce back from it. I wouldn’t mind seeing her and French get back together. Side note: I hate never seeing Rob around.

  12. Like you said he stuck he can’t leave he’ll be the biggest dick of all time.. only way can can if he push kohl to that point she done… look at Scott he be peeking around the Conor waiting in kourt like you single yet I believe if they do get back together he would marry her

      1. Cause she knew what it would be like didn’t wanna end up like her sisters… but i mean now what is there to lose been through everything already he proved he’s better he still cool with everybody why not and prove you can why give them kids a family

  13. First and foremost, thanks for the exclusive sugar. Now, I think Khloe needs to leave ol boy Tristan and go back to focusing on her life. She was doing just fine without him, she dont need that kind of stress around her. I’m no fan of the Kardashians but Tristan is trash and Khloe dont need that shit period 💁🏻‍♀️

  14. Kourt was definitely leaned in and flirty with Scott and he had the body language of “bitch I’m neutral”😂 body language tells it all lol. French definitely want Khole back and I noticed Kim wearing a ROCK again, she has previously only worn a thin band since her robbery. Much to her surprise nobody is talking about that lol. I think Tav is way more on love with Ky and it was a bit shady her displaying her “single af”cup lol.

    1. They were saying Travis was going to propose to Kylie for her bday and she doesn’t want to rush into marriage yet because he already gets annoyed at all the attention he gets for being with her, and she wants him to get used to it first, because getting engaged or married will make it even worse. Supposedly they’ve been fighting a lot too because she wants another baby and he wants to get married first before they have more. So maybe she did it to piss him off or prove a point?

  15. Oh and If I was Scott girl it was piss me off that the whole family kept making slick comments about Kourt and him finally getting back together just cause she freshly single. If I was Scott I would finally take control and not fall back in keep living and let Kourt chase a little now

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