September 29, 2022

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43 thoughts on “Carol Maraj Interview News Nicki Minaj Trying To Stop It Allegedly

  1. Carol needs to accept that her son is a sicko like Nicki accepted it and her little brother have why can’t she. Nicki should just cut her off.

  2. I don’t understand why her mom cant let her be great as if ahe not being taken care of. Greed gets people in the end. Smh Is the brother innocent or guilty?

  3. Music? Her mama? What is she dropping a Soca album? , hell have Nicki rhyme on it and call it a day…smh This sounds like an orchestrated distraction…G you think the elites got to her mother?

    1. Good question re: elites… also when I heard Carols music way back on her IG it sounded like r&b gospel. Lmao soca could be interesting

  4. Okay did I read that right? Her mom is was trying to have a music career? If that’s what I read helll nahhhh lady that time passed for you.

  5. Who is this interviewer? Probably paid by Atlantic or one of Nicki’s enemies and Carol with her gullible self fell for the trap. Some parents can’t see how selfish they are . I am praying for Nicki because when the enemy is within, it’s the most painful thing. Damn!! Look at what Meghan Markle’s family is doing to her. Not the same circumstances but you get it . You grow up with family but it doesn’t stop them from being jealous of your blessings.

  6. U bring up a good point G, Nicki’s mom dropped a gospel album a few yrs ago, I’ve never seen Nicki mention it. That’s kinda messed up

  7. She is not pushing thr album back when I purchsed the merch I got am email saying the album would be sent to me via email on the 10th

    1. Maybe those ones won’t have the new song or songs she was tryna get cleared. Idk I’m just guessing.

  8. Sometimes there’s only so much you can do for your family. We’ve seen tabloids and media play other celebrities before. That’s tough. I’m barely close to mine without the drama and millions.

  9. I love Nicki Minaj, at this point in her life. I think its time for her to stand up for herself and stop hiding. Nicki need to tell the truth and be done with it. She should talk to her mother and they should do a interview together about her brother. They should go on CNN and talk about it. Nicki just spend mother’s day with her mother. They seem happy. So what happen since mother’s day. Why do should want to do this with out Nicki.

  10. Hey, G Nicki Minaj said on tweeter that she have something to share with fans Wednesday. Is this what she could be talking about. She might just spill the tea herself. It will be better if Nicki and her mother do this thing together. Nicki need to stand by her mother. I believe she will talk about it. We just have to wait till Wednesday 8 and seen what Nicki have to say.🤔

  11. I have never been so tired of hearing about this woman shenanigans… This album that at beginning of the year was so anticipated.. Now it’s snooze fest despite all the callabs and hot bars… Bc she’s dragging this ish out like after school special… Like drop the fire and stop all this other nonsense… Now her mom.. If they not on same page anymore.. than I’ll be looking for an accidental falling from Carol and boom “my highly anticipated album went Platinum” lucky me after a rough year… SMH…I should try be publicist lol not

  12. I think the elites are using N’s own family to aide in her deactivation. I say drop the album before the interview (as a surprise) and address everything after it drops. Then focus on acting/modeling. Leave the rap game completely- right now there is no one that can make a move that isn’t modeled after NM.

  13. When family like this who needs enemies?? When ya mom turn her back on u that’s fugged up. My sweet child I birth, u feel I could ever turn my back on her? No sah. I’m a Sagittarius, loyalty in my DNA.

  14. Nicki need to drop that album overnight like Giselle did and call it a day. Idk how I feel bout her mom she always seems miserable

  15. But Nicki should have did a song talking about all this that way we would know first hand but who’s to say Nicki ain’t set this interview up herself with the small outlet to distract from something else… just a thought but I’m tired of this Nicki stuff

  16. I don’t understand why carol would do this so close to her daughters roll out. Or at all 🤦🏽‍♀️ Like does she know how much people already are bashing nicki and she hasn’t even spoken on it yet. I think if his happens she’ll have to speak up and say she doesn’t support him. There’s gonna be strong backlash depending on what she says in this interview and how she words it. I wonder if they’re going through something though for her to do this ? Like is she tryna get a come up or something off of this ? And what is this about a music career ? Is she serious 😂 and she was mad nicki didn’t back her ? Like mom if you don’t sit cho old ass down and go bake or something.

  17. Nicki spared her mother from the elites already…and that’s the thanks she gets? U can’t take everybody with you… smh

  18. I am not a Niki fan but I believe this is a distraction to what Nikki really up to. I don’t buy it one bit if she does I interview it’s not going be what people want hear just saying🤷🏽‍♀️

    1. Cher-Rae, right i really believe that Nicki is behind this interview. It may not be want we all want to hear. This is a setup but I just feel like Nicki plan this. Are maybe not. The truth will come out.

  19. I really hope Nikki takes your advice. I am not that much of a fan but nothing about this situation is right and it’s sad how they’re doing her. She’d better go on and speak the hell up! This is a situation where silence is NOT golden!

  20. It’s a damn shame you can’t eveb trust your family. Nicki made sure her family was straight and this is how she is repaid. Smfh! We have no idea what she is going through. This is sad and painful to read.

  21. I have never been a fan outside of Superbass & Moment 4 Life, I actually feel bad for her. This is going to spread like wildfire and destroy everything Nicki ever worked for. I can’t even say what will be needed for her to even remotely comeback from this interview if it actually airs. 😩

  22. Exactly why you get your shit and dip and love people from a distance people feel entitled off your success like

  23. Lawd have Mercy, I am not a Minaj fan, but the writing on the wall has been that they want her out. At this point with all this foolishness, just drop the album already. Screw waiting on a sample/feature or whatever. Honestly, her back is against the wall it might be in her best interest that she DOESN’T have a boat load of features on this thing. Just go balls to the wall dropping bars. At this point it can’t make it any worse. I’m just tired of her back and forth. Her pacing won’t stop whatever is going to happen, Just do it and let the chips fall where they may.

  24. Poor Nicki… it’s like she was on top and now she can’t catch a break- praying her downfall isn’t as bad as Brittney- let it be more like Lady Gaga’s

  25. I think NICKI has accepted her fate. She’s not fighting no more. She wore red. She will hopefully make it without dying.

  26. I don’t think it will air. It’s August the hottest month of the year summertime is when everybody save the heat for musically wise. Deactivation is already in progress I think Nicki reached out to her mom and told her what’s really going on Og ain’t going that’s why they even doing an interview so her mom can buy her a little time to figure out what she gone do I doubt she let them say she on drugs and depressed I feel they threw cardi in too soon I like them both but cardi should of waited to have the so called baby you just came on the rap scene and can’t tour cause your pregnant. It’s a setup name one person that’s gone invest in you then your first year out you can’t tour and bring in the dough they looking for? You good but far from a goat. I wanna see both them shine everything is about competition with these people. Who sells out, who’s willing to go that extra mile. Why just to be killed off. They ass get old too so who kills them off or its like a royalty thing the king die now they gay Prince in charge. What if they not down with it???

  27. I hope nicki follows our advice. I really think she should transition into another career. This seems so damn stressful.

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