August 15, 2022

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41 thoughts on “Miami Mansion Party : The After Math Back With My Girls Of 5w

  1. 😂😂😂😂 rainbow floor..of course take that take that would be on that I gotta figure out how rob Robinson is. I’m thinking baby bcs he was lil Wayne right hand I THOUGHT…MY HEAD HURT GGGGG 😖😖😖😖

  2. Wow, amazing what people will do to hide their side life, wonder who came up with this WIPE drug

    1. I remember a long time ago bossip had a pic of her in a club and she a cold sore on her lip. Now, I know that doesn’t automatically equate to having genital herpes but…

  3. Ron Robinson is Rick Ross he fat & ugly & was hanging heavy with cash money in Miami around that time.
    But I’m still confused as to who Tracey is? Or does she even matter lol
    & is Lionel really Lyor Cohen?
    & from the previous stories Kurt would be Kevin Liles
    I had to go back in your def jam archives to find that code name again lol so I’m pretty sure that’s Kurt

  4. Girl i would be scared too! Especially because there are people who have actually been offed for knowing/seeing too much.

  5. Wow! Should I be surprised that a drug called WIPE is out there. I should say it makes sense, with this Sodom Gomorrah shit, they need a way to keep the “secrets” secret.

  6. g I see why you decided to tell what you can this stuff is mind blowing. I hope by us learning what you know helps you clear your head a bit damn.

  7. So funny to me that my cousins went to Miami this weekend and she was at Star Island yesterday and all I kept thinking about was this story.

  8. T.I is disgusting. not sure what Tiny needs to work on. He doesn’t even respects her enough to not cheat let alone use a condom. I can imagine how many diseases he brought home to her.

    These stories are great and better than current celebs tea. Please put more of these.

    1. I’m really thinking B Y is not TI… she said B.Y. And Brielle had a hit song together and I don’t remember TI and Rihanna having a song together

      1. Really? How old are you? We’re you born in 2008 or later? Because everyone knows “Live Your “Life” was a huge song of theirs.

  9. Every time G says “I saw him and he saw me” I keep thinking of that gif going around of Diddy having a stare off with one of the contestants from The Four 😂

  10. Omg these men really have no respect for themselves or their partner. Like no condom….really TI. Now I’m really starting to believe half these celebs are running around with STDs.

    G- we know what ur risking and we appreciate u keeping us aware. Stay safe sis😘

  11. Hey G, I truly appreciate you letting us know what we all had wondered but I got a few things I want you to touch on… keke Palmer she does her thing and by being from the same city what did she have to do..Also you have so knowledge about the truth do we see a book in the near future? Also I thought why not capitalize and turn some situations into like a movie or a series no real names of course and not even names us sugar babies know. It can go straight to DVD yes I’m full of ideas. Last but not least you have a great soul very humble true lady, I read alot and look up alot but since I really started tuning in I been feeling watched. They told us earth was round ain’t no telling what’s really going on. My thing is out of everything possible to man why they reaching so hard for everyone to be gay? I respect everyone your choice is yours but this is an industry worth millions and they want to wear mask and degrade people all for What? Cause they know the number one problem is financial stability get down with us and you’ll be good just know nobody makes it past 50 and honestly 50 is still young thanks G

  12. Star Island has been a playground for the rich for decades. If those bodies in the waters surrounding could talk, oh the stories it would reveal from the 40s & on. 🤭

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