October 3, 2022

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14 thoughts on “Interesting…Lebron James and Rihanna. Where Did you Hear This Before? :)

  1. I swear I thought about y’all first when I seen this on YouTube . I watched the video about Giselle’s parents . Her vids are interesting . No one gets the Tea like G 🤯

  2. You spoke on this FIRST G I do BELIEVE the other points Truth said in the video too. You can HAVE the entertainment business.

  3. Yelp just like you said in my previous comment Truth Show be on some sneak shit. I remember back when she was SuaveCali Christian days lol. She said your Judas only reason for living is to betray you.

    And when it comes to Judas he’ll have a second chance on judgement day since it’s not his fault. Now all of a sudden she’s a vegan and Egyptiantologist. She’s on the same dangerous train as Hollywood just a lower level.

  4. Off topic I remember Charlemagne that God said in an interview if you wanted Giselle that’s cool if you wanted Halle that’s cool. But everyone in the hood wanted to smash Trina she was that bitch. And this is Giselle’s biggest Stan. Trina in my personal opinion can’t hold a candle to them in looks but okay then.

  5. I’m sorry but I had to stop watching the video when she said he didn’t dump his black wife for someone of mixed race..I’m of mixed race and I’m HIGHLY offended by that..ppl like who they like..it is what it is..y’all fucking ppl that have these hang ups abt dating outside their race need to get over it..it happens..it’s 2018..cry me a fucking river!

  6. G if they don’t know by now that you’re the REAL DEAL, THEY’LL NEVER KNOW… You always breaks the story 1st and wayyyyyyyy before it’s even in the light of the media… Sugar Babii from day 1 because you’re not giving tea, you’re giving TRUTH, FILLING IN THE GAPS & GIVING STORIES WE DIDN’T EVEN KNOW WAS ISSUES… KEEP UP YOUR GRAND WORKS G WITH SUCH A BEAUTIFUL SOUL TO MATCH 🎀💎🎀💎🎀💎💯💣💥

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