August 16, 2022

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47 thoughts on “The Truth Behind Floyd Mayweather Calling Out D.J. and Saying 50 Cent Caught Herpes From Her

    1. Peter is some tycoon somewhere in the islands. And he has a place in Los Angeles and other places. But she pays chicks to be arm candy, have sex etc. he was tricking on daphne and her bff suelyn medeiros a sugar daddy is what he is. Like black women allegedly and has a fetish for women popping on him. Smh there is a whole thread on this guy out there.

  1. Tell both of them to hit me up I’ll help them get rid if it…. incurable only per our gov…. but in reality you can get rid of it

      1. Unfortunately you can’t get rid of it. However, there’s medicine you can take to prevent or lessen the outbreaks. Hope that helps

    1. Good question… Although I just assumed Usher is “out there.” He’d pull random girls on stage and tongue them down 😩

  2. What’s interesting about this as well G is I rem when 50 buster up in her apartment DJ dad got involved and let’s say he is nothing to play with. Notice he never gets out of pocket with her like he does with his first baby mom.

  3. You know what 😂😂😂. Haven’t steered me wrong yet. Is that why his bm chose that pic 😂

  4. Question…on IG didn’t it say something about “TG” and everybody was guessing tyrese?? Now it’s usher

    1. remember on the ig post I said nah it wasnt tg you gotta put things to draw them to the blog and let them know they are missing out

  5. For some reason G that nicki and 69 song fit for the both of them and I like her verse… she not letting up

    1. not on features no but that wont do anything when her album drop they will say she only did 70k then blame it on the dealy of the album

  6. This whole situation is a mess! Everybody was cheering Floyd on but he seems like a bitch to me. Yeah yeah 50’s a troll but when you divulge a person’s personal medical information…BITCH MOVE! I don’t respect it! It’s like you falling out with a friend & spilling all their tea. He ain’t even with Bad Medina anymore AND everybody knows those chicks are with that serial uneducated woman beater for money. Who knowingly wants to be apart of a harem? Money & materialistic shit only makes you happy but for so long, especially when you realize the nigga ain’t gonna ever change. Women aren’t built like men & eventually get in their feelings and want more than what the nigga is offering.

    1. You’re right, I remember how Floyd put Ms. Jackson’s medical info out and I thought that was low.😟 I hadn’t heard specifics about the Bad Medina situation.

  7. Okay, acting like Floyd isn’t one of the best bodies in the business is just lying. He got the money, the looks, not the height and he is obviously slinging. I knew that from the way T.I. thought he was He-man that day. He knew if Tiny got that work, he could get left. Who else he do that too? If you watch, Floyd only one whose money stays going up. Everyone else, money unstable, even Rihanna. She was 372 last yr, now down to 221. IJS. Bad Medina got that man’s heart and 50cent knew it. I won’t be surprised if she actually wins in the end.

  8. Is there any truth to 50 saying Floyd was being confronted by earl aniut sleeping with his girl when he shot his girlfriend and then himself?

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