August 15, 2022

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23 thoughts on “The Truth Behind The Breakup Of Jada Pinkett and Will Smith

  1. I ain’t mad at Jada, get u some young meat. These men love going after younger women. But looks wise, August not on Will level IMO.

  2. Ooo Chile this is the craziest stuff!!! These folks are WILD!! ..and now my childhood has been tainted by this exposure of Debbie Allen. 😒 Hell… Is her sister like that too? Wait… Don’t tell me 🤦

      1. No fr I don’t want to know if she dipping like big sis it’s too much with the huxtables😭

  3. Will earned this. Bc at the end of the day, Will gotta know this reality: you pay for her for life, and bc of ur actions, she does what she wants. She ultimately loves him so no loss for her. She wins, as always.

  4. Poor Jada! My childhood crush on Will is officially ruined 😭😭😭 I do truly believe Will and Sheree were Good ordained mates but she couldn’t handle his “Hollywood lifestyle.” Shortly after she become a Christian lol. Jada was deeply hurt by Pacs death so yeah it’s a life partnership. We both get restoration out of the covenant because we can’t be with the ones we want. Theres no other way she would put up with all that infidelity. That’s all marriages in my opinion. Nontheless I love the Smiths ❤

  5. Not surprised one bit. I been saying for months they’re not really together anymore like that, but people want to say “oh no that’s will and jada they’re relationship goals they never breaking up” 😒 yeah ok

  6. It sounds like they have an arrangement so it’s not a big deal. These tweets are from July and they vacationed in May? An open relationship is not for everyone.

  7. KARMA! I don’t know yall remember this or not, but did anybody remember when Jada pinned am open letter and had it posyed on Facebook towards Drea Kelly?

  8. Everyone here knows how the elites get down. So, why is their outrage at letting her husband cheat? Did you read the initiation? So where does that leave room for fidelity? Jada out here living her best life, married w no possibility of divorce to a man she loves, and getting permissable side D. I see why y’all hating, sorry I stand up and give an ovation for somebody thinking.

  9. I’ve always had a weird disposition when it comes to these two, and after Linna said they were in some form attached to Scientology, I knew I was right. I do want to know though how is Linna getting away with exposing the Scientology church?

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