August 16, 2022

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31 thoughts on “The Real Reason Angela Rye Defended Charlamagne The God – Part 2

  1. Thanks G – you did it again! I believe all of this. Especially about Charlemagne’s insecurities.

  2. Lol wow thank you G. She is all smoke and mirrors I would have never guessed that was her behavior from what I’ve saw so far. I know cthagod has to feel shitty about himself when he goes home at night. He talks big shit and makes fun of ppl but like you said he’s insecure and can be manipulated trying to vye for a beautiful woman’s attention.

    1. There is nothing wrong with going to therapy.. niggaz kill me with that goofy ass shot.. maybe yo ass need a couple of sessions

  3. It’s crazy that people think bc she’s smart, speaks well, has a strong opinion & appears to be “for us” that she can’t be fuckin and doing what she wants. I feel like both lives she lives should be separate and not that big of a shocker just as long as she don’t start turning sides lol….let that woman use her pussy and her brain at the same time lmao

  4. I Always I Always thought there was some underlying love hate tension between them. And this has confirmed it. His body language his posture when ever she has come on the show had always seemed endearing like puppy love teenage CRUSH! I have no doubts about any of this.

  5. You know what….I’ve ALWAYS wondered about this chick. She just came out of nowhere it seemed and just seemed kind of off and grasping at straws for attention. I am tripping on this tea here though. It’s good and it sure makes the dots connect! These folks are cray. Smh

  6. I totally believe this, I’ve never really found her that intelligent, she struggles to hold her own in the debates that I’ve seen in, her arguments are very low level. Completely makes sense

  7. I knew they had something going, but when he gave tiffany haddish that diamond necklace, I thought he was over angela

      1. Not from high school she has known him since high school I am not sure what high school they went to but she has known him since high school

  8. hmmm I can see this….initially I liked her and thought she was a breath of fresh air… but she started popping up on The Breakfast Club frequently…..then the public relationship with Common…..just seems shes more about the fame

    1. IMO, I think she’s driven by power and fame. I think she will marry someone like Chris though.

  9. Damn… So many people wearing masks these days!! She sure has me thinking she is for the people when she really about self!!!

  10. its no wonder I never cared for this chic. I am glad I never sipped her kool aid. Didn’t even know who she was until last year when she suddenly was everywhere. cthagod is a cornball anyways. I would expect such behaviors from him

  11. Oooooo G you’ve done it again! This sugar is super sweet! We never would have known this part without you! Andrew makes my stomach turn, but at least he

  12. My jaw is on the floor! If it dropped in any lower, my tongue would be burning in hell. 😂😂😂

  13. Thanks for covered that because I was scratching my head like really Angela but now I see. I can’t lie I would’ve never known because I don’t like Charlemagne smh . He’s insecure and constantly talks down on women . Joking about date rape 🤐. I pray for that man

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