July 2, 2022

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39 thoughts on “The Truth Behind The Evelyn Lozada and Shaunie O Neal Situation

  1. Damn Evel! With all of that whoring she doing, her bank account should be overflowing with money! Damn, she would stoop that low to sleep with a man her daughter done smashed let alone have a son from dude? Awkward……

  2. Wasn’t it rumored that Shaq gave her the money for her shoe story in Miami? And ewwwwww on sleeping with the same person your daughter was with.

  3. Damn…..and that messy ass Jennifer starting shit and trying to act like she didn’t stir the pot….and Evelyn…. Chile….. smdh

  4. I am soooo glad u did this. I feel its Shaq. Evelyn was saying its a lie but her eyes were screaming guilty af!!

  5. I don’t think it’s shaq. That’s too obvious. If it’s not him or Marlon could it be her first husband? Let’s play devil’s advocate, of she did sleep with Shaq she shiesty as hell. And so is he. If it was Marlon, maybe she thought he was young enough to “whip” and get him to spend some of shaunie money on her? (That’s reaching) And the first husband, is a mystery. Idk who he is. Does he have money? But I did hear it wasn’t Shaq and it was a younger person. I really wanna know. I wanna see shaunie spaz. I want evelyn to beg for job. I want shaunie to keep her and give her a big pay cut. …awaiting part 2…..

  6. Yea I think she did- Tammi is so messy for doing that on air- hope Shawnie doesn’t get at Tammie too for putting it out there like that-
    How could the daughter have slept with her bd? Why would her bd want her afterwards?
    That’s crazy!
    Still blows my mind that ppl still want her since she’s been with everyone-

  7. I think it was Shaw because if he didn’t sleep with her he would have just said no ….I feel like his silence is revealing…

  8. before I read the comments…. I just wanna put my thought…..

    I think theyre referring to SHAQ. imma tell you why. first off, other dude aint no BIG STAR that they aint gon mention him not one time. if it was shaunie other ex, THEY WOULD OF SAID HIS NAME.

    n then, THE RESPONSE FROM ALL THE WOMEN. How much emotions were amongst the ladies. how….. NONE OF THEM wanted to be the one to say it. how messy them hoes are….. they would of BLURTED it out If it was the other dude.

    so I think it was SHAQ. I would bet it was him without a doubt. I watched this show from season 1 and I gotta watch the next episode to make my conclusion on if I believe evelyn slept with shaq or not…. but so far, I BELIEVE SHE DID. I’m def side eyeing the FUCK outta evelyn lol

  9. Yeah, it was Shaq. Shaq would trick off easily. 10k was a drop in the bucket let Superhead tell it

  10. When eve said it has nothing to do with me Malaysia’s body language wheww but Evelyn looked like she seem a ghost when it was said and Jen need to get slapped again. I remember when Eric told her that

  11. I’d like to hear more about her and jennifer sleeping together. 🤔😮 Wild!!

    How can you be friends with someone like that?

    1. Wasn’t that why they were mad at Susie all of a sudden. They went to Vegas but Susie told something she wasn’t supposed to tell. They need to being back Susie

      1. Yasss wasn’t it something like Every & Jen were having unprotected sex with men out there?

      2. Lipstickalley said she smashed P Diddy and his baby mother Misa is good friends with Evelyn. The same Misa who let Kim Porter live with her and the rest is history. Misa is just dumb.

  12. I WOULDN’T be SURPRISED if Evelyn did. I do think if she did that Shaunie already knew and think this is all for the STORY LINE of the show

    1. I feel like Tami wanted to bring Shaunie into the drama because she is always on the side watching and picking sides with Evelyn. Now its her turn.

  13. I believe it was shaq, like you said she don’t fuck with broke guys. Didn’t she smash freach Montana so there you go

  14. Yesssss i remember that episode when Eric said that to Jen. You don’t know Evelyn like I know her. Idk why Jen is dying to be her friend maybe she secretly wants to be her. But Eve is the worst kinda hoe. Smile in ya face and talk about Tami the way she did. You can really see the demon in her face maybe that’s why the dad stays away from them.

  15. Evelyn… I believe she did all that ish… Bc she always came off shady and Jenifer was her damn side kick… Who at one point I felt she was jelly of Jennifer when she was dating someone or divorcing… I can’t remember.. But I just knew that Evelyn wasn’t to be trusted… She did that ish and more… Don’t give that hoe no excuses… Actions show she is fraudulent… Only in it for the money… But on IG still spilling tea about her and the Ochocinco situation… It’s in the past… If you ain’t educating women to not be like you.. Then you can use that platform… But in her case..I see it as her just seeking attention

      1. Yes she use to talk about Eric like a dog but she smashed him too now her and Jen in the same boat no man and miserable and jen 42 wanting a family girl bye miracles can happen but jen girl you bounced back with a clown of a man you were supposed to upgrade after Eric.

    1. She was jealous of Jennifer because she came from money while Eve had to turn tricks for hers. Remember she tried to fight Evelyn when she made that small ass apartment joke to Eve’s assistant. But Evelyn clowns Tami’s fashion and high sadiddy. She wants to be old money but deep down inside ashamed she’s a bird from the projects. Drita from Mob wives is the Italian version of her.

  16. I’m just ready for Monday’s episode. I believe Tami when she said Ev was fighting Chad. That doesn’t justify him head butting her but you can only push a man but so far. If you follow him & see his interactions with his daughters, you know he’s not a monster & abuser. Evelyn is evil personified & a gold digging skank!

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