October 1, 2022

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41 thoughts on “The Truth Behind The Pusha T and Drake Beef – Part 2

  1. Hi G, so is this why Rih don’t want shit to do with him? If so, men are so messy. They just be moving from here and there with no type of protection.

  2. Clearly the possibility of him being the father is there. Him sleeping with her was never really disputed, if I remember correctly. But the question is WHY hide it? I mean in the year of 2018 people are going to find this type of information out, especially for a celebrity as
    big as Drake. Not to mention it was publicly put out there from the beginning. So people were informed of the situation and wanted to know how it would end. Look at how it happened for Chris Brown. His dirt was “secret” and found it’s way to the light. I just think it would be very stupid to drag this out like that because now look at the results. His character has been murdered. People are seriously thinking he’s a deadbeat on top of that Blackface picture. All that needed to be done was say yes or no from the jump and move one. This can’t be good for business. I would hope with that much money on the table one is NOT that dumb… CAN’T be that dumb. I am going to do something I rarely do and give the man
    the benefit of the doubt. I am waiting to see what this next episode of Young & Restless brings.

    1. Exactly. Ridiculous in 2018, celebs still hiding the fact they have children. I understand privacy, but atleasat an acknowledgement and keep it moving.

  3. Drake responded about Blackface as I thought he would. There was no real way to address that lyrically. We’ll see how this plays out

  4. G was this blackface some sort of humiliation ritual for the Illuminati? That possibility crossed my mind when you talk about people having to do disgusting things for fame.

    1. This is going to end bad. I feel it. OVO and Cash Money better think and be careful. Im glad he didnt come for Nicki, even though she put herself in the middle of this mess by going on tweet and saying stuff. But that what family suppose to do. 😐 who is Nicki new man, she was talking about him on tweet 3 days ago. She said he ask her to have his baby in a year. She said no, not until he marry her. He say he will. That what Nicki Minaj said. Just to be clear.😑

  5. Why in 2018 is anybody famous or not hiding children let’s get into that? And I want to know how Drake addressed the black face situation and the child in question. What are you hiding aubrey?

  6. I’m here for it. I love Drake, the diss was wack. We knew about all of this and I’m sure Drake is two steps ahead as usual 🤑

  7. Push’s T did come at Drake world 😩but at the end of the day we don’t know what Drake is doing for that illegitimate child! He has a right to keep his personal business private!!! That’s his choice!!!

    1. These celebs think they can have the best of both worlds……. WRONG!!!! Either you want to be famous and well known or have the private life without the money and the fame. You can’t have both.

  8. I believe it all… That’s his kid… Never ever been a Drake fan… There has always been that feeling that he shouldn’t be trusted and that he was a slickster and up to no good… But… I give him credit for being creative and popular with hits…. Ik that eventually he would have to address this baby rumor… Bc of Gina posting about her in May… I started following her before she went private….. And she had more pics were posted but assume they was deleted… Now the real debate… Can he still call or say the “n” freely in his songs without backlash?

  9. Pusha T was harsh with this diss record. How far is this beef really going to go?

    G, did Rihanna know he had a kid before all of this came out in the open?

    1. Im sure when it was all just a rumor I am sure she hit him up and found out that he was at least sleeping with this pornstar unprotected so you figure that Rihanna is like you’re risking my life because we’re sleeping together unprotected how do I know? Because I know Jenny Rosales cousin .And us women got big mouths

  10. He probably was gone announce he had a son like tf for why announce it with your business deals if nobody never saw you with him… they play house so much then a baby come they running around looking stupid. But throw the whole industry away

  11. If he has something for Pusha he better do it in one song, and finish him. But I doubt that he will be able to do that.

  12. I like both of them but i’m more into Drake and hope he comes out on top. He’s very strategic and calculating so I don’t doubt he will. Is it just me or was that line about Pusha T’s fiancé not that bad? It seems like what he said wouldn’t warrant such a scathing response from Push. Maybe there is deeper meaning and it’s just going over my head.

  13. His explanation for black face is really blah to me that diss made him break it down I can’t recall drake explaining himself like that unless I missed something

  14. I don’t understand why people care so much about these celebrities showing their children.

    1. It’s not so much about them caring about celebs kids. But the fact that they ass be lying about having them in the first place. Like G said in a comment before u can’t want to be famous having everybody looking at you AND have a private life u gotta choose

      1. Yeah and not only that they be in every female or male face partying and all this etc. but act like they child is not even here like the way they move without a care but rapping bout all this shit but half the men they portray

      2. And some people not just celebs act like having kids is the end of the world. When they should of made better choices if they didn’t want any

  15. Has Drake ever denied having a kid tho just because he hasn’t posted him I don’t think that means he denying him maybe he has a relationship with him for all we know.

  16. The fact that these dudes fuck all these chicks without protection is gross and vice versa. Chick was a porn star, lots of hotdogs being thrown down that hallway.

  17. So Drake allegedly has a son or daughter? In the text convo it says “she says she’s having a girl” did she not know the sex at the time or something?

  18. G not sure if you talked about this already but are the rumours about Drake doing plastic surgery true?

  19. Was this public knowledge that 40 had MS? I don’t follow Drake and not familiar with anyone from his camp. But to realize the song on MS day is whoa!

  20. I don’t feel bad Pusha called out 40 having MS, Want Drake making fun of Cudi suffering from depression. The simple fact Drake put out a statement explaining black face is hilarious Pusha put pressure on him.

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