July 1, 2022

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18 thoughts on “Confirmed!! As We All Knew 2 Weeks Ago…

    1. im a try boo i wanna be there for yall but i got 2 interviews today one at tmz and one back at access hollywood lol they hittin mama up but I aint with it Ill entertain it though

      1. Take your time sis we gone be here.
        Lol I bet they are hitting you up this summer tea gone be so juicy. I’m interested in the hotel too though because they wanted to have our prom there but it was too much so we did a different hotel.

      2. Oh wow, that’s awesome G! You may be the only one of the few who tell it how it is with these celebrities

  1. Her facial expression is very interesting….compared to his big ole grin….I wonder what she was thinking….

  2. Yeah he about to blow up. He slammed her fans who was coming at him for his mental issues

  3. When they in those short flings and one get more backlash than the other is it apart of a humiliation ritual?

      1. So G isn’t he the one that lied about having a family member die in 9/11 if so was that part of a ritual when it came out

  4. A lot of times you report the backstories on old tea and relationships. However, this is one of the first (or few) times we will see a celebrity’s growth into superstardom unfold in real time from the beginning!

    I will be following these two very closely to see what happens next.

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