August 18, 2022

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32 thoughts on “The Truth Behind Rihanna Posting About Meek Mill Being Home

  1. Well rih has every right to be petty with nicki since you clearly said nicki was talking shit about her. She’s probably more mad at nicki than meek because nicki was her friend. I don’t think she’s wave riding since she’s been mad at nicki before the whole cardi and Giselle thing but that’s just my opinion.

  2. I am not surprised she is showing love to Meek. Drake called her a ho too in a song (saying oh, that look like whats her name). She got back with him, put him on her first single Work, and he got another #1 off that. CB beat her ass and called her a ho, and she still got back with him too twice. She not fucking with Nicki but yet she gave shoes and baby gifts and made up with Teyana who said WAY worse and dragged her online and called her industry pussy smh.

    I need the sugar on why Gizelle and Jay stopped fucking with Nicki

    1. ReRe still mad at Nicki because of meek and Drake. Drake still love Nicki no matter what. Bey and Jay Z. Don’t care about nobody but themselves. They are not real friends. Look how they turn their backs on Kenya West, he was a true friend to them. He told the truth about them and they throw him away. After all he has done for them. There’s no more sugar to tell. If they don’t care enough to help Kenya West, then they don’t give a fuck about Nicki or anyone else. They only using cardi because she is hot right now. Soon and she make the wrong move or if she don’t won’t to play the game no more. Then she will be out too. And Jay and bey will move on to the next hot thing. Fake industry.

  3. Hold up, where is the Instagram page? Someone tell me! I use to follow, now since the blog began it’s been vanished. Idk if I was blocked or what.. Don’t it! Still Gina, what’s the @ suga?

      1. She created a new page try retyping in the blog name on IG “search” and you will see a new one

      2. I can’t reply to the NiyaMa person 👇🏼 I need to know what’s the exact page name. I’m not getting the blog even I search. Just a bunch of other pages..

  4. Females are hard on each other, but Rih can show Nicki some love . I loveeeee me some Rih but Nicki didn’t hurt you that bad sus ?

  5. I didn’t realize that Rihanna got subliminal shots from M & N. A lot Nicki’s old fans seem oblivious to this. As I see Meek is out of jail I have some questions ; Nicki mentioned she will give some Meek tea in the documentary: will it reveal that she helped Meek to get out or did she turn a blind eye?
    Will black hip hop fans turn their back on her if she turned her back on Meek ?

    G you mentioned that you had tea on why Drake n Nicki aren’t speaking ? Does it have anything to do with Meek ?

    1. I believe it’s bc Drake still felet some type of way about how that whole meek and drake beef came about , so drake played cool then brought Cardi out on stage with him in front of Nicki 😩😆

    2. Salmonella I was thinking the same think. Nicki said drake call her but he always mad at her about something. That documentary she will be talking about Meek. Now meek is out of jail. Now I believe the rumors that she was visting Meeks in jail. People been saying this for mouths. They said that she went and support Meeks mother 2 weeks ago. I just didnt believe that. I think Nicki know that meek was getting out soon. I hope she don’t go back with meek. I still have questions about Nicki and Quavo being together to weeks ago. Something about that not right. He want Nicki to be his girlfriend. She cry and say he did her wrong. So why she was with him that weekend. Are they fucking on the low. G you have to tell me about that.

  6. I see your point Gina. I’m not understanding her moves either to be honest. Especially the Giselle Coachella thing.

    I just think her & Nicki aren’t ever going to be cool. That ship done sailed. But I agree about everything else.

    1. I am ming, you right and did you know that Kevin Hart loves Nicki Minaj. He support her new music too. I think Kevin and Nicki both of them knew meek was getting out soon. This is why I think drake is mad at Nicki right now. She said in the interview that he call her and he mad at her again.

  7. The way how I see it Rihanna was young and stupid on the other hand she use them and throw them a way😂I have done that a couple times 😂. You right 💯 she creates wave not ride them. I am just as disappointed smh 🤦🏾‍♀️

  8. Well she was probably put up to publicly support him by higher ups? Maybe he’s out because he renewed his contract with certain elites and once that happens you know other celebs that are also on contracts must show public support or else the agenda they want to create won’t be created.. maybe?

    1. This is exactly what I was thinking. She supported both (Meek and Beyoncé) bc they have all sold out to the elite and they have to show their support whether they want to or not. This is why I keep telling people Rihanna cannot leave bc she is in too deep. She brought too much money to them. They not about to let her go.

  9. Or she could just do what she wants lol….as much as we like to think we know every minute detail, there’s still so much that we can’t access or even fathom to know; so now it’s an issue because she’s not being nice to Nicki lol like everyone has to be nice to this girl and I don’t get it. It seems as though Nicki isn’t nice & this is why so many are turned off from her. Like we are supposed to be aggy because Rihanna didn’t make a welcome back post about a woman who went away and says she turned her phone off, took social media off her phone and changed her number lol? Ri gotta chase her down to say welcome back? Please…..

  10. So I’m confused was meek and Chris trying to shade Rihanna with that picture you used of the tweets? Also Chris just posted welcome home meek was he beefing with him as well?

    1. they were both beefing but they made up years ago funny thing is that fight with chris and drake in the club meek was actually rolling with drake them

  11. I honestly feel like meek is just a start for another movement because BLM died down now they(the industry)need to make money off another movement as far as Nicki and rih welp that’s what happens in life. And I’m not a meek fan but I want to see him with his son idc bout seeing him with his rich friends

  12. You make great points G maybe since nicki & Meek broke up, she feels its kool because her beef is more with nicki than meek. Before meek got with nicki he wouldn’t dare say nothing about rihanna.

  13. I never think you’re being petty you open my eyes. I never thought of that with her and meek. B never gives her props so I don’t expect that but yeah the fuss over meek like riri you’re a bad bitch if you fussing over a guy that said that that means he ain’t lying 💁🏽‍♀️

  14. I really think that post was more geared at both Nicki and Drake. Like Meek is their enemy so now is RIH has made him her friend. Im not saying shes right about do understand why shes doing it

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