October 1, 2022

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19 thoughts on “The Truth Behind The Nicki Minaj Documentary

  1. I wonder why she would stayed with Meek so long knowing hwr label and everybody she rolled with didnt agree with the relationship. Hard head makes a soft ass, but we’ll see what this year had in store for her.

  2. Nicki’s attitude was terrible and I think a lot of people were over her because of it. Then she got a reality check real fast and I think she humbled herself which is what she needed. Now she can be likable again.

    1. I think its to late for that. They already replace her. I think this album should be her last. Then she should retire and be happy with her money. She 35 it’s time for her to move on and start a family of her own.

      1. A family isn’t for everyone. Society always want to force their morals on us ladies. Let the girl live

  3. The fact that she’s realeasing it on apple shows the friction between her and the carters. 4 years ago she would realeased it on TiDAL

    1. I was just about to comment I wonder why it’s an Apple exclusive verses a tidal exclusive? Like you said a couple years ago she was rocking hard with the Carters🤦🏾‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️

      1. I think it’s bc apple’s reach is wider. Tidal is great…but doesnt have as many subscribers as apple. But you could be right.

    2. Apple is better then Tidal. Apple had more money and a lot of people support Apple. She doing what best for her. Tidal don’t have that world wide support. If I was her i will try to get a deal with them.

  4. This is a mess no one likes her except her fans. I do get sad for her though because she does work hard. She has been hated from the beginning of her career until now. Everyone acts like she just got things handed to her. She’s a diva, but some women are better at hiding it than others.

    1. N.johnson92 they wont stop hating her until she leave the music industry for good. They want her out. I think its sad she wants to stay in this fake industry. This is a good time for her to leave and save her soul. I wish she love herself enough to walk away. Kenya West learn the hard way how fake these people are. Nicki might have to learn the hard way too. She should try to be Kenya’s friend. I know he got good advice for her. That will be great for her to talk to him about her pain.

  5. That little girl had the physical proof that she was raped. Nicki just don’t wanna believe it. But then again if it was Remys son or if Cardi had a brother they’ll do the same thing. Turn the other cheek.

  6. Nicki if your reading this….U need to be as RAW & personable as possible! Be Onika. Ive watched almost all her documentaries and I don’t feel like shes herself.

  7. Apple exclusive? Isn’t she a “owner” at Tidal? Very interesting. I’m surprised that streaming service is still afloat. Guess I’ll start my Apply subscription.

  8. Kudos to whoever called out Jess for trying to drag Nicki on insta .. I liked her in the beginning but she’s becoming a Charlemagne to me . Always riding someone else’s wave and being mean trying to mask it as comedy on others expense . Dying for Nicki’s attention like girl you and them bum ass lace fronts have a seat 💯

  9. I cannot wait to see this. I am glad she is doing it to clear up so many rumors formed about her. After this, I think she should stay behind the scene and get money that way. She had a great career and reigned for a long time. She deserves some peace and to go out on top.

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