September 29, 2022

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8 thoughts on “The Dark Secrets in The Marriage Of Nas and Kelis

  1. What! these two should never got married or have a child together. They both were hot messes back then. Nas and kelis both are hoes. I wonder do she have threesomes with her new husband. And I wonder did Nas and Nicki had threesomes together too.

  2. Dammmiittt G.. you be on it fr fr!!!!🙌🏽🙌🏽 I log in like every 2 mins hoping you post some new tea..

  3. Jay z had dissed Kelis on that track called ‘Clique’ saying ‘I am talking bossy but I ain’t talking bout Kelis’ . I always wondered why .

    1. That’s not really a diss more like an analogy

      Now 50 Cent dissed her saying he seen her at an award show & ” Shorty smelled like full court basketball” lml

  4. Well G some of us are smart enough to know NAS was sleeping with more women than just Carmen & Kelis.

    I commend Kelis for being upfront with Nas about her sexual desires & he still wanted to marry her BOTTOMLINE

  5. Before he got with Kelis he dated Tracee Ellis Ross (I know this for a fact – I know people in his camp) from what I understand they got along really well, it’s just that she was too mature (acting) for him.

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