October 6, 2022

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37 thoughts on “The Truth About What’s Really Happening To Mariah Carey PT 2

  1. Electroshock therapy is only let you forget but for so long. You can shock and shock and shock and shock all you want, but it is going to be something or someone that is going to triggered that mind and everything flourishes back. Then again, too much electroshock can damage the brain. Causing the person to have seizures, mental deformities, and most definitely mental illness.

  2. I hope she has all the secrets written down or recorded so oneday the industry can really be exposed. Shit is sad…smh

  3. This is so upsetting to me. But it explains everything. I often wondered why my favorite vocalists would hit a certain part of their career and then it was like the industry threw them away. It makes me so angry. As a grown ass woman I don’t want to hear no damn Ariana Grande I want to hear Mariah. Question tho: why is it that Beyonce seems immune to this brand deactivation?

    1. Giselle is a cash cow to them right now so they won’t bother her but as G says when LUCY comes to collect she better be ready to pay. For example look at the hype over her Coachella performance they ain’t letter that money go nowhere but in they pockets.

      1. I watched in on YouTube and the crowd was dry let’s see how the crowd is this Saturday.

    2. When can you do a back story on Tommy Mottola. All the evil shit he put Mariah thru and what about his current wife, Thalia.

  4. This is so sad, I literally have tears in my eyes reading this. I’ve loved Mariah since she came on the scene. And I don’t care what people say her voice is still incredible and nobody can take away her accomplishments or her talent. Including her songwriting which always gets overlooked.

  5. So on YouTube I was watching this channel from Mary40 and she said she didn’t get anything from Mariah Carey and that she’s deactivated as well she said she think it’s going to be bad smh

    1. She said the same you said not about tommy and da or Jermaine but far as them deactivating her and Ariana is in place

  6. And one other thing can we get how the industry lie about their ages to make certain people seem younger my friend and I think Giselle is way older and jay

    1. I know for a fact Giselle isn’t 36 as she claims. Giselle was in the same Kindergarten class as a friend of mine. My friend is about to turn 40…go figure.

      1. Yeah I believe she 40 too she look it in the face like she tired and starting to look more like her mom

  7. Good Morning America used to be my fave morning talk show until Joan Linden left and they started to expose themselves as crap. See the Chris Brown interview; they were told not to ask certain questions but did anyway and he broke that window…

  8. Sad I knew something was going on back then but didn’t know it was this!!!!! How was she able to get away from Tommy? And can Nick help her at all????

  9. Oh and Jennifer Hudson replacing Whitney never lol no one likes Jen……and when her family was killed I always felt she had something do with it …..and I’m not even in the entertainment industry. And Adele please ……the industry messes up on that one …….they should have let Whitney live

    1. Right?!?! J.Hub but now she played her fiancée and wanna talk shit about him but forgot he was in the top of his class at havard law! Girl bye! He was or was about to be partner of his law firm before he got onto I love NY.

  10. G… you use the terms the “elite” AND “Illuminati” kind of interchangeably.. Can you define the difference between these two terms as you use them? Because it sounds like the “elites” ARE the “Illuminati” and you’ve already put names and faces with the “elites”

  11. Welp, they signed up for it. I can’t feel bad for the lives they choosing and chose. I need to trip off my own lol they’ll be iight

  12. So G do u think MICHEAL & PRINCE were murdered? Michael had been saying SONY was after him and his and the BEATLE LIBRARIES. They was saying he was paranoid, but I think he knew that. They also wanted PRINCE’S library as well

    1. She did a story on that before cuz she said she loved prince and believed he was murdered as well as mj it may have been here or the ig pg before it got deleted and earlier today on the news they said something like someone may be accountable for princes death it was in small writing across the bottom of the screen.

  13. Gina can you speak more about J-Hud?? Her career NEVER lived up to the hype after her Dream Girls role.

    1. That shows that as talented as someone is, it takes much more than that to be a superstar….and Jen is super talented both as an actress and a singer…

  14. My heart hurts reading this 😭💔 Mariah has been my fave since she came out I probably know every song from every album no one could ever replace her…EVER. ❤️❤️

  15. That video of her watching Ariana is fake. It’s her watching her very first GMA performance.

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