July 2, 2022

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60 thoughts on “The Truth About Obama’s Angels Part 1

  1. Yas bish- Spill the sugar!! I love BO but I love knowing EVERYTHING more. Ty for dropping all the knowledge.🔥💕💫

      1. I remember Eva on some show back then talking about her “support” for him. Now I see why KW was playing her role so well in ‘scandal’.

      2. I remember Scarlet Jo- hell she had her brother on his team… idk Kerry was on his team tho..

    1. Really Kerry Washington? What about Kamala Harris, whom he so publicly complimented “The best looking attorney general”….that’s who i thought of when i saw the picture.

    1. Neither. Its Jay-Z. Remember Obama wanted Jay-Z and Giselle to come to The White House because he us a big Jay-Z fan and his daughters and Michelle are Giselle’s fans. That is how Giselle got to sing at The Inauguration and at The Inauguration Ball. Pay close attention to those two okay.

      1. This starting to make sense about what you said a while ago about the hotel and White House.

  2. Thanks!!!!.. I was waiting for someone to decipher who each woman was.. I LIVE for all the TEA‼️‼️🤗🤗🙌🏽🙌🏽

      1. The 13 Bloodline Families

        1) The Astor Family, 2) The Bundy Family, 3) The Collins Family, 4) The DuPont Family, 5) The Freeman Family, 6) The Kennedy Family, 7) The Li Family, 8) The Onassis Family, 9) The Reynolds Family, 10) The Rockefeller Family, 11) The Rothschild Family, 12) The Russell Family and 13) The Van Duyn Family

    1. Well, Imma say this. I hope you got some good ole life insurance, your soul right with God , and which undertaker you want your body to be sent to? Cause what G is going to drop is either going to leave you speechless, put you into a diabetic comma, or stuck on stupid. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

      1. @DaRadiant1 I’m ready to read read read.. all this is soooo interesting.. I NEVER knew bout G or any of this til my coworker just recently put me on… I’m like all this was going on??😳😳 I spent 2 days reading EVERYTHING on ig & paid for the xtra juice. Now I’m trying to piece ALL this together & you know ALOT yourself…

    1. Why? This is nothing. She just getting started. Oh and when she spilled the rest, you can thank her later for it. 😄❤

      1. I’m ☠☠☠☠☠ I wanted to 😭😭😭😭😭 this is too much Lawd have Mercy I knew the presidents and white house people are in with the elites and all but good Lord

  3. Any skeptics need to wait until she’s finished then look up known facts. First one to note is the thirteen families. That is sooooooo true.

  4. Bee Jee is Jay Z. That man is a pimp for the elite. He was allegedly giving Weinstein access to women (like Rita Ora) as well.

    Esther-Eva Longoria.
    Karen- Kerry Washington
    Shannon-Scarlett Johansson

    Angie is not a Democrat.

  5. So I’m guessing 1st Angel was the girl who made the song “I got a crush on Obama” where he had to publicly say I had no relations with her. Lol this is rich

  6. Eva Longoria
    Kerry Washington
    Scarlett Johansson
    I remember them all riding for him!
    But who is the head?
    Wow damn man shit crazy! so was the show scandal an actual depiction of kerry & Obama. Or at least him & his angels? Whew chile

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