September 29, 2022

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41 thoughts on “The Truth About the Denzel Washington and Sanaa Lathan Situation Part 2

  1. Wow thanks G. So she isn’t the couple w the secret CHILD smh. Back to the drawing board I Go

  2. This tea was too sugary…Always suspected why these two women who are “best friends” can never keep a man or let alone have one

  3. Wow there are no good famous men I’m 100% convinced. If you wanna be with a star you gonna have to share. But It’s funny that Denzel shut down a lot of the male relationships for sanaa but was more then happy to “participate” with her and Regina smh haha. And I wonder if she wants to try to find a man to settle with for the public acceptance aspect, cause if her and Regina have been off and on for so long with no drama in between then that probably is “the one” they just can’t see that or accept it.

    1. But I’m not shocked that she’s been dating Regina ever since it was revealed that Regina be getting snacked on by the ex wayans girl I think that G always mentions.

      1. I just thought Regina was dabbling in it. I didn’t know she was having whole relationships.

    2. Didn’t I just told yall on part one those Capricorn men knows how to get to us Earth signs? Those SeaGoats will stay married to those wives, but anytime they have a side chick, their focus is mostly on that side chick especially an Earth sign chick. Those Capricorn men do not care. Look at Peter Gunz, ( another Capricorn man). Look how many times he done cheated on Amina ( an Aries aka a Fire Sign woman) for Tara ( a Virgo aka an Earth Sign woman). And I am quite sure Peter still fucking Tara. If your zodiac sign is a Taurus, a Virgo, or another Capricorn, those Capricorn men don’t give a flying fuck if they are married or got a girlfriend, that Earth sign person will always have that Capricorn man’s heart. And you best to believe Denzel is not over Sanaa and Sanaa got Denzel’s heart. They are not straying to far away. Peter Gunz said that Tara will always his heart no matter what.

      1. You ain’t never lie about these zodiac signs😩 that darn Capricorn is the devil, it’s hard for the earth signs to stray.

      1. G I renewed my subscription for special request I want the sugar on diddy and his gay escapades and cassie .

  4. I just don’t understand this full blown relationship when you’re married… Like… Denzel would be on strict contract with me… How can these women stay and let them cheat.. I don’t get it… And Sanaa with Regina LMAO… That’s funny… Regina always playing a barren woman or cheated on woman… Art imitating life.. Bc she never lands a man… So why not let Daphne and Sanaa eat it up… Both women Regina and Sanaa are attracting women… But at this age with no men… They scream closet lesbian… They start hanging with Janelle M. And they got party lol.. They better move fast… Bc apparently erkyah is making her moves for Janelle too lol

  5. This makes me sad for Saana and makes sense why she is just a messy “hoe” in the eyes of everyone. Fuck Denzel for not allowing her to live her damn life when his old ass is married.

    1. That’s what I’m saying he’s a dick for that… Sanaa still look so innocent to me lol I like Regina Hall.

    2. She’s a whole grown ass woman choosing to engage in a consensual relationship with a married man. She is just as responsible AND guilty as him. Ain’t no “not allowing”… don’t take the onus away from the mistress.

  6. Sanna girl you was delusional Denzel even said he would never leave his wife. I remember in high school I heard about this rumor and my math teacher was talking about it. Open secret. It’s a lot of men like Denzel he will keep the covenant by not divorcing but ironically stay in adultery. I think he truly loves his wife but young hot women he just gotta have.

    1. Lmao “truly love his wife”. .. He doesn’t truly love her if he is dipping with other chicks on the side. He is truly comfortable with his wife

  7. Wow! This blew my mind!😮 Regina Hall is my boo. I’m shocked! I also thought they were best friends. At least that’s what they would say 😸

  8. OMG! This sugar was amazing! So many questions were answered. I never knew that Denzel stepped to Sanaa first, I also never knew she was dealing with him for that long after. And the threesome with Brenda from 227?! That took me out! Hollywood is a damn mess.

    1. Wait a minute. My ass can’t read. You said Regina Hall NOT Regina King. Damn, okay now I’m not so shocked lol.

  9. G, any juice on the rapper Common? I remember he dated Regina and a few randoms here and there. What’s his deal and was his beef with Drake really over Serena?

  10. Thanks boo! Knew about Regina and Sanaa for sure. Wasn’t to clear on exactly HOW LONG this was going on with Denzel! I thought at one point she was ringing the bell talking about she was pregnant or something! I dunno… and I believe he still is cheating too! Old coot! Smh!

  11. G this tea is telling is so 🔥!!! Denzel is selfish he wants to continue to have a hold on r Sanaa while he have a whole family he goes back too everyday. I can’t believe someone would prevent another person to find happiness with someone else and have a family. That’s shameful and Denzel hold over Sanaa is just crazy.

    As for Regina and Sanaa together… Wow… 😂🤣

    1. G, as you mentioned Sanaa and Regina can’t stand to see each other with other people. I wonder like Denzel, Regina is doing the same to Sanaa. Blocking her from getting with someone she potentially could marry.

  12. Ok what about the many requests we put on that one post a few months ago. Can we start getting those pleaseeee G?

  13. So her character in The Family that Preys was part of her real life of being a side chick, Welllll damn Ggggggg 🍵 piping hottt

  14. I heard Sanaa wanted Beyonce. Like she had a crush on here. And ask Beyonce could they hook up. Is that true.

  15. as a member of #teamlesbian I knew about Sanaa & Regina. I also heard that Taraji dipped in the lady pond as well bc I dated one of her exes…

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