July 6, 2022

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10 thoughts on “The Sugar on Tyra Banks Part 1

  1. Now G, I remember the underwear situation. LOL! But didn’t she and John was dating when he directed Higher Learning? I know he married that African Princess who played Jewel in Rosewood. She was the girl that was being rape by the store keeper named John Wright played by Jon Voight. Her named is Akosua Busia. Her and John have a daughter together. I didn’t know she played Nettie in The Color Purple? Wow!

  2. I swear I was just looking up her ☕ Tyr@ has been a idol of mine in a late 80s baby and she has had a some what clean image…thou that N Campbell drama was funny and sad…I can see why she is single…her behavior on antm she can be a total bitch

  3. One thing with Tyra she’s one of the only models I’ve never heard sells her pussy 💁🏽‍♀️

    1. She does models are high escorts. My friend’s mom in high school said she was in a tell all book and those white men aired her out. She slept her way to the top. I have to find that book but it’s prob spoken in code to avoid lawsuits.

  4. Tyra had the Tyra show years ago where she said she doesn’t change her understand all the time. It was a segment with doctors and they said no disease’s will occur. Sour puss is the reason why they never wifed her. These men are really nasty. Trick Daddy the only one to smell a bitch before he bon appetit.

  5. Uuuh hell no idr when lucy checked her…what happened doe 👀oh & eew😷✋👙with her natty ass

  6. Known her a long time. One thing I will say is when you’re an African American woman worth a lot of money, the pickings are slim to none if you’re dating within your race. The ones with money aren’t loyal, then you try to be down to earth and people “always want to travel on your frequent flyer miles.” Her Mom raised her to be frugal because of how she grew up.

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