July 6, 2022

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38 thoughts on “The Truth Behind The New Cardi B Single and The Nicki Minaj Commercial

  1. i was thinking the same thing about the baby. they dont want that it will mess up their money and look for her. when i saw nicki i was like oh shit she is back. cardi when she first came out i was like she will be a one hit wonder never felt she was going to put out more then 2 cds

  2. I’ve been waking for you to post this! Girl they talkin bout cardi already projected to sell 500000 copies her first week. Uh YEAH RIGHT. And everyone IVE talked to said the song sucked!!!! So her people is lying!!!! Thank you G

  3. And I knew charlamagne pushed the agenda as soon as I saw that plaque. I was like OH that’s why he goes so hard for her. Cuz he’s paid to do it. Just like how he flip flopped on drake and nicki. Everyone has a price and so does radio! That’s why I don’t listen to it anymore especially in Atlanta. Three stations all playing the same stupid mumble rap song. Trash.

  4. It’s sad what they’re trying to do to Nicki. I’m already tired of Cardi B I hope if Nicki drops her album that I blows Cardi away

  5. Nicki is a businesswoman…you can say many things about Nicki…but if you say she is dumb you would be full of shet and know it. I feel sorry for Cardi because when her “time” is up…she won’t hold up like Nicki. Ima old head so I’m not sweating either…but I definitely see what you be saying when I watch interviews…view social media, etc. I respect Nick for the way she handles the fuckery…like I said I don’t think Cardi could or would. Best of luck to both ladies tho.

  6. G you have been saying that Alantic Records were trying to replace and try to end Nicki reign as the Top Female Rapper and put Cardi Bum at the top…You have consistently posted on that and gave us the Truth that’s why everything is falling into place like you’ve said a year ago.This album is a make or break for Cardi Bum. If her numbers are anything under 150,000 after all of the Promotion by the #BreakfastClub and all of these IG blogs it will be considered a flop.I think her 2nd week sales well show if people are fuckin with her Debut Album.Nicki Assdrop gotta deliver on this upcoming album because it can be the end of reign on top if she dont.

    1. I really dont think its a good ideal for Nicki Minaj to drop and album. Because they go to lie and say it flop and it’s trash. Why put yourself through the stress. She made enough money to retire. She should take that money and invest in landscape and realinstand. Billionaire she will be if she smart enough to leave music industry. She is the richest female rapper right now. The industry has turn on her. She need to disappear and make money in landscape and realinstand. That’s the best thing for her to do right now, for her own sake.

      1. I actually agree I been saying that. Nicki can go into acting she can do voice-overs she can have a variety show just give these people her ass to kiss

      2. Hey G i only hope that Nicki can find her way out of this music industry. I also hope that God Jesus will forgive her and save her soul. If she can find it. God give second chances. If she sell her soul to the devil i don’t know if she can get it back. I hope that she open her eyes and see a better life for herself. She put her mind to it and make it happen.

  7. Finally! Nicki’s team is putting in some work! Also just heard Cardi didn’t write that song. There was a video of one of the writers singing the exact verse.

  8. Hopefully Cardi will do what Lauryn Hill did when they tried making her choose between the pregnancy and her career.

  9. Yassss NICKI is a fuckin business genius I knew she dropped that Benz commercial on purpose. As far as TBC stupid poll, to me Atlantic paid them to do a poll cause Cardi received more negative reviews of that tradh sing “B Careful” so too manipulate the #’s per usual had TBC claim majority of folks liked it…..lies

  10. I just hope Cardi Whole Album dont sound like the single she put out last night. Birdman is too smart for all of this mess. He aint about to let Atlantic Records mess up His money with Nicki. He knew all along what was taking place behind the scene…

    1. Sorry but birdman don’t have the power like that. Atlantic Records make sure she will fail. They have the money and they paid they radio stations to trash her name. If he had power they would have stop this a long time ago. Fuck cash money for not helping her when she need them the most. After all the money she made for them through the years. They let her fall on her face. Fuck them she can’t tust nobody.

      1. But Nicki only has a very bad attitude problem because look at how she had to damn near be passed around for respect & soon as she get it they trying to destroy her

    1. I agree and i wanna feel sorry for her and all but that stuff she did to Kim i can not and that’s now turned around on her it’s just her karma so now i guess she see the shit Kim went through was not cool at all.

  11. The new single wasn’t bad I’ll admit . But damn G I seen the whole scene play out like movie script and you called it . As for the radio stations .. Charlemagne (however you spell it ) ..he kills me . Peep how when Tory Lanez went on TBC , He kept tryna bash Nicki even after Tory explained the situation .. this industry is for suckas now ! Smh
    Thanks G

  12. I wish NM would hold her album just a little longer…just to screw with Atlantic..not a CB fan at all (even tho she is entertaining) but I would love to see Atlantic crash and burn.

  13. Thanks for confirming the situation. If you notice the last 2 Nicki verses that were leaked, Nicki was singing. Lo and behold Cardi comes out with a song singing. Atlantic probably knew Nicki would come out with something March 29/30 , and thought it would be the Young thug song with Nicki singing on it. Instead Nicki dropped the Benz commercial . They announced Be Careful as Cardi’s single, which I think was really gonna be an album filler, to compete with what they thought Nicki would drop.

  14. They’re all suck cock suckers. Like give credit where its due, NOBODY can do what Nicki can, will and has been doing since day uno. Her talent is pure.

  15. That song was 100% written by someone else, Life of the Pardi recoded it last year. Although him and Cardi are friends in real life I hope she made sure he got paid properly because his version is way better.

  16. I believe that Nicki will be alright. Yes, she has a attitude but she doesnt seem like the old person she used to be. I think that she’s more humble now. That’s sad that Atlantic is trying to sabotage her career and poor Cardi is so naive and green to the business that if she make one bad move its over for her. I think Nicki will be alright in the end because she’s seems to know what moves they are making anyway. I hope Cardi releases her album first. I hate to see them hate on Nicki.

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