September 29, 2022

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34 thoughts on “The Truth Behind The Facebook Scandal

  1. I got off FB years ago as I saw this coming; it was getting very weird. I created that fake account when you move there but deleted it when it shut down. This world is full of evil…I just stay prayed up. And you right about banks…my hubby works at one and says same thing.

  2. Thank you for this G🙌🙌 I stopped using Facebook over 6 years ago but I will follow your tips. They were things I was considering for awhile.

  3. Mannnnnnn G you just bust my mind WIDDDDDDE FUCKN OPEN and my nose is wide open too!!!!! Damnnnnnn I’m like 😱😱😱😱 I AM TAKING AAAAAAALL THIS IN AND ITS LOCKED IN MY MIND FA EVAAAAAA. I will start moving much different and I’m ashamed to say IM A FREQUENT, DAILY FB USER and this shit scare the fuck out of me! But I always been on top of the apps when they ask to “INVADE OUR PRIVACY” I deny a lot of shit even tho it probably DONT matter.

  4. I don’t use FB much and I definitely don’t take those quizzes- I use my apple account for social media.. gmail for job related stuff and yahoo for online shopping… now I’m thinking of removing my cell info from Instagram..

  5. This doesn’t surprise me, I can’t stand Zuckerfuck! Like a lot of people he hides behind philanthropy, giving with one hand and taking a lot more with the other. I don’t know what it’s like in the US but in the UK they have for the past few years been making it harder for us to have cash. A lot of the banks are limiting their counter services and I’ve even had them be rude to me when I asked for some money to be changed up. I’ve been telling people for ages they do not want us to have cash as they can control us more if everything is virtual.

  6. I knew mark was a government informant there’s a video of him on YouTube swearing in at a fbi ceremony plus there is a article where he calls Facebook users fucking idiots I don’t have facebook

  7. I agree with everything you say G except the bank account part. You do need it cause we have to check and see if you owe other banks before we can open one with us.

  8. Thank goodness I never got into facebook. It gets too much of your personal stuff and seeing how ppl where using it to air out so much personal things about themselves and who their friends and family are. It was a wrap for me so glad Ive always been a FB skeptic. I have a FB but haven’t used it in 5 years. Just one picture me and information that hasn’t been updated in in years!. Don’t plan or ever allow anyone know my personal business.

  9. This is crazy, but I believe it. The less info you put out there, the better. I have been telling all of my friends that social is nothing more than an elaborate data mining tool and I get called paranoid 😂😂 I knew the fix was in when I was discussing certain topics with my husband and then I started seeing ads for it on my phone… Keep spittin this 🔥G!

  10. I haven’t been active on FB for over 5 yrs now and I don’t miss not one thing. I occasionally post a pic/comment here or there at least once or twice a year but I mostly use it for the games. I admit I have done the quizzes quite recently. I signed up for FB during my college years so my personal email is not on it and I have never posted my number. My page is private which means you can not find me unless I send for you or we have mutual friends. If you google me, FB page doesn’t pop up. Same thing with IG. I do not post as much on there either and never linked it with my FB so I don’t have much followers but I am on there mostly. I wonder if LinkedIn is the same as well. I am sure there’s not much we can do as I always assumed our phones are being tapped, so they will find information on us regardless.. We really never had privacy to begin with when technology started to advanced.

  11. That’s creepy!!! Ugh I hate that they lie so much. I love when you post on things like this Gina.

    I’m still waiting on that email that changed the industry and why they dont play music videos anymore.

  12. That’s funny you posted this today because I was considering shutting my Facebook down after I delete photos. I should have known it was going to shit when they opened it up beyond college students. Im in a couple of groups on there that I learn about stuff from but I’m thinking about other ways to utilize it. I barely log on there now…but that Instagram…I wear that out… Smh… Can’t do anything now days… Sad.

  13. I closed my fb page because I jyst felt like someone was always over my shoulder. But if you own an electronic device like Alexa or even your own damn phone it’s still tracking you and it’s scary! Perfect example I went to ig after I left the grocery store and I purchased some wheat bread and yogurt .. what pops up in “sponsored” ads on ig, the same bread!! Coincidence I thought until I went to arbys and what the fish sandwich fuck pops up in “sponsored” ads in if. Arbys!!! The. Same thing happened with ads from Kenzo clothing which didn’t bother me until I saw b rittany spears was the model (is just read the cloning of Britney story on here).. I was convinced there’s a third eye on me at that point

  14. You called Nicki ALL the way out, she definitely popped back up after Cardi announced her new music dropping 😂 😂

  15. Oh woow!! I just opened up my 15 yr old daughter a bank account and they asked for her social… i wish i knew i could’ve avoid giving it to them.

  16. Yes, Yes, & Yes to all of this. I have a business account and it’s crazy the stuff you can find out about ppl just from running ads. Oh and for everyone saying th

    1. That they stopped using FB, well it applies for IG as well and many other social sites. Ever noticed how you can google certain things and those ads or the information related to it will pop up on FB and IG? Very creepy!

  17. I deleted my Facebook when they wanted me to upload a picture of my state issued I’d.. 🤔 for fucking what🤷🏾‍♀️ Bye Facebook

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