September 29, 2022

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21 thoughts on “The Truth Behind David Beckham Falling For His Side Piece Chantel Jeffries

  1. Thanks G for the tea! I was hoping Victoria and he were good since the last public cheating scandal😳

  2. Quick question G – I noticed I’m no longer receiving email alerts for your posts? It stopped after we paid for the second month. Can you help me get the notification again?

    1. Damn I just realized I wasn’t getting the email notifications either. I just got in the habit of checking the site everyday.

    2. I don’t get them either. I use to get notified when people replied to my comments and new posts from G.

    1. But his money is endless. He will be making money forever. Even when he dies. His “brand” is up there with the greatest athletes ever. But maybe it’s just me?

  3. G please tell us WTF is going on with Fab and Emily! TMZ has a video of her dad and Fab going at it and Emily running from Fab after he flinched at her.

    1. And supposedly he knocked her two front teeth out! He always seemed low key but I guess you can never tell😟

  4. G I wanna know why the hell fab snap like that? I wonder if he got a taste of his own medicine. You know men can dish it but can’t take. That’s so wrong on all levels if he put his hand on her, from the video he snapped.

  5. Damn… Does anyone think his and Victoria’s marriage may be an arrangement now, because their brand together as couple makes bussiness sense?

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