September 29, 2022

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20 thoughts on “The Truth Behind Tupac’s Song to Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes

  1. That’s a hard lesson which I myself had to learn…love hard now cause nobody is promised tomorrow. At least u can say u did it!

  2. Damn! Two Geminis! Now talk about a strong head butt relationship! One wonder they could understand each other so well! They were not only soulmates, but twin flames too! And that is rare!!

    1. 💯 .. I’m over here thinking about the music and passion that would’ve came with relationship .
      Damn RIP to the greats
      One time for Craig Mack also RIP !

      1. Chile, I-95 coming into my state is going to be congested! Craig stayed like an hour and some changed from me.

  3. This is crazy as I was just watching his jail interview where he performs right at the end and from the lyrics I thought he was directing that to Lisa . . . So sad he was so intelligent too and them darn eyes of his . Gone far too soon.

  4. How many special relationships did this man have?? Yo-yo left eye kidada he wanted one with Aaliyah….. love him love his music but seems like typical player to me.

  5. I always had a funny feeling that she half way caused that accident on purpose. The video she was filming during the accident, always had me wondering because of her expression at the end.

  6. You can’t possibly have a Good ordained connection with all those ppl. His love life was a headache. I’ll be damned if I share. How did Pac feel about Kidada anyway? I feel bad for her.

    1. Geminis are complex like that because we have dual personalities it’s quite possible for us to be in love with 2 separate ppl at the same time, when we love we love hard and when we’re done were done which is why we move on to the next love of our life … rarely do ppl have more than 1 it’s always a Gemini with multiple marriages, multiple loves, multiple relationship bc we rarely find 1 person who fulfills both Gemini personalities needs 💕 hope that helped

      1. He was in love with tlike 30 ppl. Its too much lol! Ive always wondered about kidada you never really see her or hear from her.

  7. Man I love this song, I would’ve never thought he was talking about Left Eye but it makes so much sense to me and I think they would’ve been the perfect couple!

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