September 29, 2022

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16 thoughts on “Kanye West ( MK Ultra) And Dame Dash What’s wrong with this Video?

  1. This is so so sad I was Reading the comments on this on your Instagram what do you mean by Kim is scared they will hurt her children who will? And also do the Illuminati have their hands over the Kardashian’s too?

    1. Half n half. You have to remember The Kardashian Curse. Kekel Kardashian is Kourtney’s, Kimberly’s, and Robert’s great,great, great grandmother from Armenia. If you look it up, you can see how the entire curse plays a major role. Kim is fearing because she and Yé may have to have a sacrifice a love one soon, but who?

      1. His eyes look so empty these days . The problem starts the same .only a few people really know what’s going on but no one actually believes the mk ultra breakdown until the industry has their hands around your throat and by then your in too deep . Kanye had that raw edge like 2pac back in the day . COME BACK KANYE

      2. there is no such thing as a kardashian curse lmao that is a curse made up by the media for people who don’t like the Kardashians

      3. Google it and I also got dome friends who was in the Navy with me back in the early 90s who ancestors was apart of the Armenian Genocide. The same genocide that our government currently uses as we speak. Its called Agent Orange. It was in The Vietnam War and The Persian Gulf War. Not to mentioned Hitler used it on the Jews. I lost alot of good shipmates behind that bs. The curse is real. Look up Kekel Kardashian. You won’t be disappointed. Just even thinking about it makes me cry. If any of yall Sugar Babies ever get a chance, talk to some of us soldiers and veterans. We got stuff that yall definitely need to know. We don’t mind telling anybody cause yall need to know. My heart goes out to Kanyé. Sitting here crying now because I know what that man going thru. Yall, listen G. G is telling yall nothing but the truth! Pay attention to every word and evidence she gives yall. Don’t sleep on nothing. When she post it, remember it and be on point. She isn’t lying not one thing! ❤ ya G! ❤

  2. Kanye is completely done with. It makes me so sad when I see him like this but then I think you did this to yourself. Still very unfortunate and fucked up. #IMissTheOldKanye #SunkenPlace

    1. I hope that one day he has an mk break down and is able to get himselfnout of this life but he is in hella deep. I don’t think they will even give him the chance to break down. And those kids look so unhappy. There’s no way they don’t sense that something isn’t right with their dad. Kids know.

      1. He is in too deep now, the next thing will probably be death the next time he runs that mouth, even if they have that planned for him now, They off them on a certain day and time.

  3. I hate to say it but sometimes you get what you ask for…its a dirty game and yes I always say Khl🅾e isn’t a true one either☺

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