September 29, 2022

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12 thoughts on “Dame Dash N Kanye West What’s Wrong With This Video?

  1. Well she wanted to be an attention whore, well she got it. She shoulda follow her dad footsteps and went to law school. Kim is very smart. If she wants a change, that will be her best bet.

  2. You can tell.. When Kim has him on her snaps he dnt even say anything he moves diffrently.. Did anyone catch them on family fed.. He was ao awkard…. Aas thing Kim knows but goes along with with

  3. ahhhhhh
    k@nye knows…. wonder has he even seen get out
    and KIM is MK’d too she just has to be more functional due to their kids…..
    but after Ye’s last rant OH NO he was in Cedar’s he is probably so electro-shocked he cant speak unless it is approved

    1. She is right about dame. He is a devil. He kill his girlfriend to keep his fame and money. 2001. She was one of the best singers.

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