July 6, 2022

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22 thoughts on “The Truth Behind The Beef Between Snoop Dogg and 2Pac part 2

  1. Wow that’s crazy- and ur dropping this at the same time the death row special came out so I’m already remembering so much from around that time-
    That spit in the face was crazy! Not what I was expecting- but ur right- he had to know about the hit… damn and all this time I thought it was either a Diddy or Suge that had control over everything-

  2. My fiancé told me that he felt that $n00p was involved, and that’s why he doesn’t listen to his music… wow! Keep the truth coming!

  3. The crazy thing about that is Snoop the one who did the tribute to Tupac when he got inducted to the rock and roll hall of fame… smh

  4. Always knew there was a reason snoop couldn’t look dead into a camera when pac came up… and WHY would dondre whitfield marry such a cum bucket??

  5. Damn I always thought suge killed pac cause pac was gonnba leave death row. Never in a million years would I think snoop was involved.

  6. Gina, I love the sugar that you post but this has to be my favorite cube! I love both of these rappers 😢

  7. I ain’t been on here in some dayssssss I felt a Lil unordinary lol life been busy but I’m back so HEY YALL!!!!!

    finally got caught up on my tea IM REFRESHED! lmao

  8. Let’s not forget Pac was smashing Sarah Chapman as well. Puffy’s other babymother. That why he tried to play her so dirty when she announced she was pregnant with Chance.

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