July 2, 2022

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32 thoughts on “Keep your Children From Walt Disney

  1. WOW!!! That is horrible, made her dress like that. I’m shocked. This is crazy & nasty to have it so it just like that!!!! I’m so appalled 😯

  2. Yup, and plenty more pics with obvious flicks as well! Post them all G. They r blatant and obvious with this shit too!! 😞

  3. Plus Mickey is a Male boy/man holding Minnie by her dress ( A DICK). Screams Pedo and subliminal programming within the naked eye obviously! Disney World/Land is advertised as the the safest place in the world tho! 😕😞😒

  4. when We were younger my mother would never take us because she grew up in Florida I’m hated it lol but seriously she would tell us about how there were crazy stories about him. But the first time I really learned about Disney was in sociology class .i was shook All cartoons have this sexual undertone even bugs bunny the looney toons . The rabbit hole is deep y’all

    1. Yeah it’s sad bc to the kids, it’s innocent; they don’t know it’s attaking their sub conscious mind. But these shows/movies/songs have hidden messages. That’s why I’m pretty ‘real & raw’ with mine & constantly pray God’s protection of what they hear and see. Sorry so long but this sad…

    2. I learned that in high school too. The people on ig are so annoying man. Sayin g is wrong. They don’t wanna wake up so let em sleep

      1. Instagram is the worst sometimes it shows you how many people are really band wagon riders smh they go along with whatever trend happening for the moment

    1. Right after Disney brought Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal sold his shares back to Rupert Murdoch when his cousin Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman set up that corrupt sting. He sure did. And Rupert kept asking him was he sure? And Prince Al-Waleed said, “Yes”. Now Prince Al-Waleed was the number 2 seat share holder of Rupert Murdoch’s company Fox. Remember when Megyn Kelly was being harrassed by that Cheeto who sitting in The White House ain’t doing shit? Wellllllll….Prince Al-Waleed was in formed and he brought Cheeto shares of Fox stock! Not to the mentioned, this is the same Prince who bailed out Cheeto twice in his bankruptcy case. So, to keep the Crown Prince not owing Rupert Murdoch’s Fox Enterprise, he sold Prince Al-Waleed’s Fox stock to Disney! So therefore, Disney is now the number 2 seat holder under Rupert Murdoch. Don’t be surprised if you see a Fox/ Disney logo coming soon.

      1. I’m not helping them. If anything lets expose them. And for the last 3 months I was trying to figure why did Prince Al-Waleed sold his shares? Now I see why. But his cousin just brought that Anti- Christ portrait recently. Could that be why Prince Al-Waleed sold his Fox shares back to Rupert? Rupert sat on those shares for at least 2 months. And out of nowhere, BAM! Disney got 52% of Rupert Murdoch’s company! Lawwwwd have mercy! I couldn’t make this up if I tried. I found this out on my Google news feed back in December.

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