September 29, 2022

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16 thoughts on “They Are Subconsciously coming after our children

  1. Crazy don’t even notice that in the movie. Your giving knowledge and awareness Gina… Thanks cause I’m real cautious but you just can never be too sure ..🤔

  2. He was down with the cia working on Mk ultra
    Brainwashing kids . He was a 33rd degree mason also with that secret club 33 in Disney world . Just weird .
    G giving tea that most people are afraid to whisper about .. thanks love ❤️

    1. And did u know about the kids that go suspiciously “missing” after being at Disneyworld? Even Family Guy episode made fun of it they snatching ppl kids up just sick

      1. For years ! That’s why we never went smh . I heard it was always something people whispered about down there . A lot of crazy shit happens in Florida already . Definitely sickening

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