July 1, 2022

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28 thoughts on “Hollywood Hates Eddie Murphy

    1. 😩 but he still not easy on the eyes….lol. Maybe it was me, but I never thought he was that funny. I liked Charlie better.

    1. Who Charlie? I thought he was really sick though. 😞Eddie still hasn’t been visible ( movies etc.) like he was before.

    1. It has been a theory of mine that men and women who go out of their way to taunt homosexuals have their own repressed (DL) desires 🤷🏾‍♀️

      1. Me and my friends say the same thing. I stopped dating a guy like that. He was way too over top and disrespectful with it. And I have zero tolerance for any kind bigotry, homophobia racism etc. He had to go.

  1. Wait what was the Brett Ratner situation? And why did him & Tracey split after 14 days? I never understood that. Then he goes and get becky pregnant. Can some1 splain? 🤔

    1. that Johnny gill story was as false as can be i know johnny gill very well and that lie because people never have to prove shit ruined johnny and his fiance left him

      1. I co-signed with you on that one. I think and I could be wrong, but didn’t Eddie helped Johnny out fiancially?

  2. comedians really do pull all the baddies . Hell Nicole Murphy is a joint at 50 . It was that damn smile lol . And you know chicks love funny dudes 💪🏾.

  3. Makes sense and why I haven’t seen him in much movies/tv these days.

    Still confused on his and Tracy’s quick marriage. What a mess.

    The Brett Ratner situation??? What happened with him and Brett?

  4. Ratner is Eddie’s creative partner. Ratner said a homophobic slur for the Oscars and be stepped down as the show’s producer. And since Ratner and Eddie are buddies and Eddie heard what Ratner said and did, Eddie stepped down as The Oscars host.

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