October 6, 2022

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28 thoughts on “Real Quick Do’s and Dont’s of A ICYDK Page

  1. man fuck them do you… Theses are things that were happening when some of us was still in dipers (90’s baby) 🙌🙌.. so I dnt care if it was 2000 BC If the story about Jesus him self (no disrespect) I wanna know

  2. Gina, there’s an Instagram page taking your posts verbatim from this blog like the Clive post and Giselle posts. They were only following fame and another page so I think I know who it might be. I can email it to you or post it maybe you can block them somehow.

  3. People are haters and find fault in everything.

    They probably couldn’t tell you what they were wearing or ate 2 weeks ago. SIT DOWN!!!!

  4. Put some Respect on her name fuck u mean!!!!
    They know what they doing ppl just real irritating these dayz I swear 🙌🏽

  5. They hate on you because you do this so well! Keep doing you, G! It’s obvious the stuff that you report and your knowledge in the industry, shows you have alot of merit, and people want to take that away from you.

    Love these stories you post and greatly appreciate the time and effort you put into them. This blog has become my guilty pleasure. Lol

  6. You’re such a sweetheart G…even when these simple ass people come for you…you carry yourself like a classy G…this is why I fvcks wit you. You keep it 💯all day wit us. #ProudAssSugaBaby 💋

  7. Keep doing your thing G, we ‘true believers’ are sticking with you 100%
    And if others are trying to ruin your reputation then you have every right to block them!!!

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