September 29, 2022

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61 thoughts on “The Giselle and Prince one on one meeting

      1. She don’t even love herself…she was an easy target for Jay/industry to use for their evil pleasures.

  1. Ughhh!!! I have cavities now….so that’s why J was saying “you think he wanted his masters with his masters??”

  2. I’m sure they/Jay are waiting for the right time to profit off of his masters.

    Also, Giselle seems to get around behind the music industry doors this isn’t the first time I’ve heard about this type of thing.

  3. This too would explain all the cheating he does . If your making your wife get down like that behind the scenes with other men 🤔he really doesn’t respect her. only in the public eye

      1. Hey G…Jay and Yonce was at a Nets game a couple years back and video surfaces with her looking crazy swaying back n firth and mumbling…is that her breaking down on the program?

  4. Shiiiiiit! The fuckery!!!! But he seemed so woke, surely he could see past her bullshit? And even if they know where they are do they not belong to his estate?

  5. Wow. I believe every word of this. Jay pimps
    her out. What kind of nonsense?? All these glitters really ain’t gold.

  6. Wow! Is that his way of saying “the industry” won’t bring them down cuz they have those masters for back up in case they lose their fortunes or top spot positions? hhhmmmm makes you think

  7. Goodness! this is NOT the first or 5th time I have heard about P and B. This must be an open secret as most things are in the “industry”.

  8. You got me looking a Jay and seeing the fucking devil! He is and always have been a crooked hustler so I shouldn’t be surprised

  9. And Hov thought his Joe Camel ass was slick and tried to take the entire catalog and put it on tidal. That estate sued his dumbass and got all of Wrecka’s stuff back! Now he know Prince is really not going to tell them the real location. He played their asses! He gave Camel and Giselle what he wanted and that is when he was alive. They will nevee get that catalog.

  10. Thats an unusual pairing right there. Beyonce was a dim-witted acting broad with bad weaves and rocked her mama’s tacky designs in those days. I’m shocked Prince found her desirable….that creole hoo-doo just won’t let up.

  11. I’ma bit disappointed in prince after reading this….thought the man was smarter than that.

    I did catch some tea that Bey was being a low-key hater when Prince started working with Tamar Davis. Heard her evil ass was trying to sabotage that too.

  12. I literally was reading the comments waiting for someone to mention the jacked up timeline. Giselle wasn’t even on the scene yet like that yet when prince and nona were a thing

    1. Hell no!!! Like I said, I am a 70’s baby. Nona been left Wrecka Stow alone. Yeah, she got her heart broken, but there was no comeback once Wrecka Stow gets done with you except for one person.

    2. Again Like i have said numerous times. I tell my stories 90% memory cause I like to tell it authentic. I also stated sometimes the timelines may be a little off. I also stated when you taking information and not there you may get a name or 2 wrong but what I will NEVER get wrong is what happened. Now I am going to say this once to you and to the other person.

      If you have a correction that you think is relevant enough to change. you hit me up with receipts and say Nah G that was someone else and then I will make the change. But what we not gonna do is come on my platform and try and tell your own version. You go get you a website and post your own stories. That is downright disrespectful .. I told you I AM THE ONE THAT tells THE STORIES and spill the sugar on here. To me whether it was Nona Gaye Nona Hendrix or Jimmy Hendrix the sugar is the meeting. the other stuff is just fluff. Now like I said I take corrections all the time but there is a way to do it and as I mentioned I got this story from a prince woman. SO maybe she got mixed up but one thing she didnt mix up was that meeting. SMh

  13. Honestly I am tired of hearing about these two devils. I know i cant run from it as it seems like they are the most vindictives ones in the industry. I just want ppl to stop idolizing these frauds.

  14. Yes that’s what I was thinking….the timeline was off re: Nona…..Prince and Mayte got engaged early/mid 1995

  15. Yes, I was thinking the same thing….the timeline was off re: Nona…..Prince and Mayte got engaged early/mid 1995

    1. I didn’t say Nona was around for the meeting or 2004 I said when he initially came at her around 98-99 so the timeline was off. OK? I try to be authentic and tell exactly how i was told

      1. Nona was not aroind im,the late 90s tho. She was only around in yhe early to mid 90s. Shes on the 1800 new funk project for example. Once he married mayte their pro and personal relationship was over

  16. Well she did say
    I’mma help you build up your account (that’s a good look)
    Better yet a hood look, ladies (that’s a good look)
    When you’re in them big meetings, for the mills (that’s a good look)
    It take me just to complement the deals (that’s a good look)
    And anything you cop, I’ll split the bill (that’s a good look)

  17. Jay aint shit i dont really care 4 beyonce like i use 2 b4 she got with him but dam i wish she snap out of this dam trance she’s in

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