July 6, 2022

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34 thoughts on “The rest of the Def Jam Sugar tonight

  1. Sooo wierd. Last night I was thinking, “what creepy sick shit are these demons doing tonight”… i can only imagine 😒

  2. Not Lucy the goat…. I like her in all but I’m a old skool fool what about all that came before her why they don’t get mention

  3. I guess her & Jay are officially Satan’s royalty now. I remember commenting a long ago that I thought he was the devil and so many people came for my head..now he’s running around looking like Hitler and recruiting as many souls as he can…

  4. 😐! I hate that this is more confirmation that the evil stuff is going on. Listen G when you suggest we watch the John Todd YouTube video explaining devil worship in the music business..got me getting closer to Christ for real… That mess is all around us and Christians have to remember that we have authority over these things ..but you gotta get learn and get in the word and develop a relationship with God to Know your opponent and how to fight.

  5. Is this during Grammy weekend?
    I’m surprised that so many of these people are flocking to Clive at this point. He seems like the biggest devil in the industry.

  6. Is it true Whitney was killed to make room for blue ivy to secure a spot with that infamous group? In gotta look up the year little blue was born and the year Whitney passed.

    1. I was super curious and Blue was born the same year Whitney passed, more creepy a month apart (Blue was born in January and Whitney passed in Feb) 😲

      1. When that Super Bowl comes on, I always look at the half time show. Okay peep this! Imma show yall something and you can go look it up cause its there. Remember when Coldplay Giselle, and Bruno Mars performed Super Bowl 50 halftime show? Now mind you that performanced was on February 11th 2016. I don’t even know how in the hell I missed that big ass clue, but we all did! They did it so subliminal, that is why this famous celebrity death snuck up on us!

        Anyway, if we all had paid attention to Coldplay’s stage and the arena’s lights on the inside perimeter, the colors on the inside of the arena’s perimeter was purple. The stage was changing colors into “Lotus Flower”. The was telling us they were going to sacrificed the late singer Prince! How is the “Lotus Flower” comes into play? Let me break it alllll they way down

        1) His kids mother, Mayté Garcia loves Lotus print material. In fact, she had a couple of costumes and a couple of dresses in Lotus print.
        2) Prince’s album Lotus Flow3r, if you look at the cover, it’s design was shaped just like that stage. Also, he sings about Mayté
        3) On his last performance, a mic and a piano, look at that background. Lotus Flower. Why? Because he was still in love with Mayté until he had passed.

        They devils did this shit so damn slick, that we never saw it coming. And Prince died April 21, 2016. I told yall I know alot of stuff.

  7. Anyone watching the Grammys?! Omg Kendrick Lamar looks so gone. This was a creepy performance and what’s up with the clome Dave Chappell?!

  8. I did and Sza performance Why didn’t Jay Z when anything and the way Blue told her parents to stop clapping or am I just paranoid 🤔😔🤷🏽‍♀️

  9. https://youtu.be/Jis4VxmmHRs

    Omg!!! G, i fell down the rabbit hole over the weekend and I cant get up!!!

    1) i didnt know Beyonce was pregnant at 14, and lost the baby
    2) could that be true the fight was over a sacrifice(solange son)?
    3) damn no wonder Giselle hates kim k, she is bffs with Becky aka Rachel Roy

    1. she wanted rachel to be uninvited to km’s wedding because her husband was playing hide the bologna with her kim was like i been friends with rachel 10 years plus she designed the dresses foh

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