September 29, 2022

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99 thoughts on “Part 2 The Truth Behind The Def Jam S… Parties

      1. But He didn’t have any hits in 1999….he first hit the scene again in 2003/2004….with the exception of his “Mista” days in ’96ish

    1. Ronald> Russell Simmons
      Billy Valentine> Bobby Valentino
      W W Fly Guy> L.L. Cool J
      D.J. GMI> Island DeF Jam Music Group
      Kurt> DJ Khaled

  1. I think these are the 2 people….doing my research lol
    DJIMG (Co-prez)- Lyor Cohen
    Kurt- Kevin Liles
    If true this story is getting juicy I can’t wait for the next part I bet it was some freaky down low shit going on.

    1. Ronald is Russell Simmons. He was the only who had the remaining interest and sold it to UMG. He was married to Kimora from 1998-

  2. I wanted to say Billy V is Bobby V but that’s about 5 or 6 year difference (2005 instead of 1999)in time unless the year can also be fictional to go with the fictional characters. 🤔I like that way of thinking 😉

      1. BV was active since 1996, Check wiki. His songs listed are early 2000s but he was active during this time. I’m gonna guess that’s who she’s talking about.

  3. Ooooo this is way too good. If I ever complained before about not having a password or hell any fucking thing, imma shut the fuck up now 🙊

  4. Okay, I think I figured everything out…

    Ronald Simpson = Russel Simmons

    Unestablished actor in How to be a Player = Bill Bellamy

    Billy Valentine = Sisqó, Lloyd, Bobby Valentino, Case, or Musiq. It depends on the year it actually was. The obvious play on the name Bobby Valentino is what makes me think it was him, but his first single did not come out until ‘05, which then doesn’t line up with the story. Gina help! Lol.

    WW Fly Guy = LL Cool J

    DJGMI = The Island Def Jam Music Group

    The New Co-President of DJGMI = Lyor Cohen

    Kurt = Kevin Liles

    1. If it were Sisqo wouldn’t she have represented the entire group? Lloyd and bobby v are too young for this error sooo back to the drawing board ! I’d like to submit Jesse Powell and Tyrese 🤔

      1. Well I entered Sisqó because his first solo album was released in ‘99 and didn’t catch fire until 2000.

  5. I couldnt even enjoy my birthday without reading this. For some odd reason i couldnt figure out who was who..but thnx to the comments below I now know.I bet it was an orgy fest lmao

  6. I love your blog and it is really good to know some if these things because we are in the dark about how it really goes so I totally appreciate you and keep doing you forget those silly people it’s sad that some people don’t get it. But I love it and thank you 🤗👑👍

  7. If this is password protected, why are the characters fictional? Either way I got most if not all somewhat figured, lol Can yall stop saying I need more, because you know our girl, needs rest in between all this good hot ass tea she spilling.. We know it’s addictive but be patient. ^_^

      1. Will everything be incognito in the future ,since we got a holes who probably have access to this as well.. and I’m just asking before anyone comes at me sideways..😂

  8. Ronald: Russell Simmons
    Much beautiful younger wife: Kimora Lee Simmons
    Billy Valentine: Montell Jordan (Single: “Get It On Tonite”, released in Oct. 1999)
    WW Fly Guy: LL Cool J
    D.J. GMI: IDJMG (Island Def Jam Music Group)
    New Co-president: Lyor Cohen
    New president, Kurt: Kevin Liles

      1. Who is mr. slow down? Billy Valentine? I know it might seem to make sense (especially when you read part 3). However, Bobby didn’t release a “hot joint” until 2005. You have to use all the details in conjunction with each other. The name just seems to fit because it’s close.

      2. This is true .. I can’t lie I read it a few times but I think I’m following easy now lol

  9. OMG some of y’all are still making dumb comments asking abt the password or why is she using fake names…damn if you have so many questions and options go some where else before she shuts it down…let her be great and do things in her time and manner…gee golly wow y’all are blowing me with the bs 😣😣😣😣 I don’t mean to be offensive but damn!!!!

  10. 😩😩 so many questions in my mind after figuring out everyone..
    I know this house you speak of !! I can only imagine what’s coming next sheesh lol

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