July 2, 2022

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81 thoughts on “The Truth Behind The Def Jam Secret S. Parties Part 4

    1. Chile, I have an enclosed head injury, I gotta take my time translating this! If it was numbers and letters, finding out folks personal info, who owe child support, locate some folks, then I can help you.

  1. Damn this shit is gold. Appreciate everything you doing G. Stay prayed up and safe.
    Rothachild- Rockefella
    Bee Yea-Jay-Z
    Could someone help me with the other
    Other than obviously blue ivy’s mom and bad girl ri ri.

  2. I got some of the names but not all. Either way this shit is gold G!!!! Omgggg I wanna know who billy is though lol

    1. I think that Wizard boy and black boy are r*d and m**hod mn ,😂 old jazzy is yng j**zy someone else further up said who Lionel was….ny is la r**d…I didn’t pick up on who Jaime was…that was the only one

  3. Let me get some doggone paper and a pen and translate all of this! Too many names, and VA meds are kicking in too! Dang G! You got me outta my bed getting writing material to translate all of these people! 😂😂😂😂😂 You giving all us homework to do! 😂😂😂😂

  4. Billy- Bobby Valentino
    Rothschild record- Roc a fella
    Bee- Gee- Hov
    Amanda- Giselle
    Lionel- Lyor
    Jamie- Hoe bag Jamie
    N.Y. Bell- L.A. Reid
    Briella- Rih
    Dev jam movie Star- Bill Bellamy
    Now the other people I don’t know and not important right now but if you figure it out let me know.

    1. Aaliyah was with Roc Nation? I thought she was under her uncle’s label Blackground Records before it was defunct? 🤔

  5. Okay, I think I figured it out…

    Rothschild Records = Roc-A-Fella Records
    Bee Gee = Jay Z
    Another famous singer, but no one knew they were together = Beyonce
    Amanda = Aaliyah
    Lionel = Lyor Cohen
    Jamie = Julie Greenwald
    Actor on Def Jam’s film = Bill Bellamy
    Wizard Boy & Black Boy = Method Man & Redman
    Old Jazzy = Young Jeezy
    NY Bell = LA Reid
    Briella = Rihanna

      1. Well I be damned! That is right! Who she was messing with that she did a detour on that dude instead of focusing on her career? I remember this tea because somebody on another site said she was all on the boy’s nuts.

      2. Brielle is Rihanna, she was the one rumored to have slept with Jay-Z. She was signed in ‘03/‘04. Hence, the picture of Rihanna and LA Reid at the top of the post.

      1. keep in mind not saying you are wrong or right but keep in mind first party happened in 99 Hamptons party with Amanda was 2 weeks after so that’s still 99 keep in mind

      2. Remember G said dates may be off… amd things happen and albums are delayed and it tales time to drop albums so dont focus on the dates too much

  6. Hov wasn’t bad looking back then. I always did wonder he was sweating Aaliyah, but thanks to this…..WOW!! But why she ended up with Dame is crazy! L.A. Reid…..Lort have mercy! Now this fool right here! Do yall remember that time Pebbles caught Reid and Chilli together? Now how in the world Pebbles is going to get mad a Chilli when her crazy tail did exact thing? Lort, I will never forget that beef! G, when you do tea on Chilli, pleasd let me know! That girl is a straight up nympho!😂😂😂😂 You would not believe what this chick did when I was stationed at NAS Atlanta back in the day!

    1. I remember a story I heard about prince picking her up for a date and banging her in the car right in front her house and kicked her out after he was done 🤷🏽‍♀️

  7. I think NY is LA Reid
    Briella is riri
    Bee gee is jay z
    Red n meth are black boy and wizard boy
    Lionel is lyor
    Old jazzy, young jeezy
    Amanda I’m still figuring out. I can only think of Ashanti but her and Jay?

  8. I’m so slow I thought all the names were real people. I actually saw a person named Billy Valentine and he is a musican.

  9. So did I read it as Amanda ( Aaliyah) was sweating Bee Gee (Hov) and no one knew they were together? I thought the famous singer Amanda was Giselle but she said it was her 2nd to last time seeing her and it was sad so I’m not sure now.

    1. Amanda =Aaliyah
      Bee Gee= Jay Z
      The famous singer in the relationship with we didn’t know = Giselle
      Brielle = Rihanna or Teairra Mari

  10. Nah, Amanda is Aaliyah! The hamptons! The one thing I remember about that trash ass Aaliyah lifetime biopic is the hamptons! It seemed real choppy to me how they just threw Damon.Dash in the mix! It makes sense y’all, think about it 🤔

  11. I’m still not sold on billy bein bobby V!! He was in Mista in like 96 but G said billy’s First “hit” that gave him a big head nd had him feelin himself was in 99. Slow down wasnt till 05!! 😫😫😫😩😩😩. It’s obvious reasoning why we would think it’s bobby v cuz a the name, but she threw me off with the Valencia being yonce! It could b anybody… I’m bouta slide in the dm again like G, spill the sugar, who is billy!!????? Lol fuck around and ask Jayde 🤣

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