July 2, 2022

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10 thoughts on “Hot Takes 5/21/2022 Jay-z on Rihanna Kourtney Got The K’s in their feelings

  1. Doja is at that crossroads that a lot of artists who are true about their passion get to. When you genuinely love what you do and you find out this is the type of industry you gotta be in in order to be successful while doing what you love, it shocks you. You straddle the fence cause you ain’t trying to play the demonic games but you also can’t see yourself doing anything else and of course you wanna make money while doing it. Time to choose.

    Jay Z having an opinion on Rocky is funny cause 1) we know his jealous history when it comes to Rihanna so of course he wouldn’t be “sold” on the man who actually impregnated her that wasn’t him lol and 2) we know his history of sticking his nose in other women’s relationships & business in general trying to lowkey control things. From Nicki Minaj, to Lauryn Hill, to Meg Thee Stallion, to even Rihanna’s previous relationships. He’s done far too much to rih overtime in many different ways for me to think his opinion is anything else other than underlying jealousy.

    1. You could be right about Doja Cat. It is always a woman relationship that Jay puts his nose in. Some of the women you listed, I don’t think they had any sexual relations with Jay. It makes you wonder what kind of guy does that? Always in women’s business.

  2. Jay z always worried about somebody’s else’s relationship but his. You’d swear that man hardly care about bey the way he obsesses over Rihanna

  3. Jay-Z already plotting Rocky’s demise. You hate to see it. He’s made sure Rihanna’s exes have disappeared before & he’ll do it again w/ASAP. Watch

  4. I just knew the Kards were jealous of Kourtney now being the fave and having the fave relationship.
    Jay Z can fuck off. I mean I think the same lol, but he has no place speaking on Rih’s personal plife, especially with all the B.S he’s put her through.

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