May 23, 2022

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4 thoughts on “Hot Takes 4/7/2022

    1. That’s not true. I got married in Vegas, got a marriage license and certificate. That was in 2005.

  1. That family is using everything from the last few months as a storyline. I am convinced that’s why Kim didn’t press the Kanye thing. Because if she was truly bothered she could have done something legally. Just like she went to that divorce attorney she could have walked to that police department. Kanye gave her tons of evidence on Instagram. Watch it all be on the show and she complaining.

  2. I feel bad for Normani. I like her music.

    Chloe is trying way too hard, IMO. And why her music videos never match the song 😭

    I’m curious, but how many seasons did they manage to get from Hulu, or will the first season test the waters?

    Not Scott bringing his new girl to the K’s Hulu event. I don’t know why, but I cackled when I seen he brought her. Actually, I’m surprised he was even there!

    Gotdamn Khloe is seeing the light, finally.

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