May 23, 2022

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8 thoughts on “PR Diaries Monday’s The Stories We use To Whisper About on These Pr Streets

  1. They say Trump had a quite a list of baddies both black and white in his hey day… I hope that G gives some sugar on them days 70s-80s Entertainment & Political sugar in pop culture.

  2. Oooo can you do a segment on celeb fights!! Who put the paws on who! I wanna hear more about Tyson and Jordan. I’m assuming mile bear his bass because it said he almost killed him 😳

  3. Baaabyyyyy now this is tea. Mrs nasty was getting down through there. Was robin trying to give that sweet p to Jordan too?? Tyson loved her ass and she fucked that up. I see vivica was getting Down too. What a time to be alive. This was juicy!

  4. Could you please do a full sugar bullets on Robin Givens? Heard she had all of both the black & white men wanting her 👀

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