July 1, 2022

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34 thoughts on “Sugar Bullets Tuesday Nicki Minaj

  1. so correct me if i’m wrong why would you go into talking about her past relationships instead of making it about her accomplishments in rap and other things she fought for her. it’s like y’all purposely try to paint her in a bad light.

    1. I agree !!! It’s getting pretty sad at this point! But I’m glad Nicki fans can see through the bullshit now! This is not 2017-18 we know the agenda against this black women!

  2. Agreeeee Lee Lee.. just keep Nicki’s name out your mouth and off this site with all of that negativity.

  3. I was thinking the same thing. Take this article down. This is awful. I want to see you put an article up about Cardi with a beer bottle in her Cooch. Let that black woman excel and stop trying to bring her down. I’m glad Nicki has thick skin someone else would have committed suicide by now. Y’all don’t even care about how you are hurting her mentally. Just cause she doesn’tsay anything doesn’t mean she doesn’t hurt. This article is hateful and disgusting.

  4. This is just pathetic!… Just STOP speaking on Nicki at this point…. It’s clear that y’all don’t like her and y’all make it your business now to negatively speak/post on her… Yall follow pages that do nothing but bash Nicki on Instagram and twitter, so honestly I can say I’m not even surprised anyone with the way y’all cover her now… Just sad..

  5. Sugar bullets segments are about tea on that individual ( rather its true or false) we all know that Nicki is a great artist with several accomplishments!

    1. Exactly always been the tea we didn’t know. When Lil Kim had a sugar bullets segment and it was tellin all the dudes she smashed & all the violent shit she was doing nobody had an issue sippin tea. I been waiting for a Nicki sugar bullet segment for a minute. Do Drake, Rihanna, Chris Brown next!

  6. Y’all lookin for something to complain about. Sugar Bullets has always been about tea behind the scenes not the shit we already know. We already know Nicki is the queen of rap, we already know about the accomplishments, we already know about the broken records but if y’all try to say y’all don’t wanna know about the sugar behind the scenes then you are a bold face lie! I’ve always wanted to know about the dudes I’m sure tried to bag Nicki cause all these rap niggas been wanting her so yes give a part two!

    1. Stop kissing G butt like always…. I knew you made this comment before I looked at your name 😂. #stop it

    2. Facts, they just want something to say and people jump right on the brand wagon. It’s sugar bullets, behind the scene shit we don’t know. Everything ain’t gonna be fancy and sugar coated.

  7. So what about cardi being a street walker giving high school boy head for $50 and what about cardi b given the CEO of Atlantic head to get all the label favors??????? Mute?

  8. All I am reading about any of these celebrities is that they’re REGULAR people with money. Nicki is very talented but she’s a bitch. Ok…so??🤷🏾‍♀️ it’s only a problem cause she’s a celebrity. If it was yall neighbor yall wouldn’t care. Treat this info like she’s yall neighbor and continue to support her music.

    1. that’s the problem they bash nicki but steady writing fake articles on her. It’s the same for their IG as well. Nicki brings in traction

  9. And so what if G and Cardi friends hell it’s good to have a associate who run a gossip page…uhmmm doesn’t Rah run a gossip page and that’s Nikki HG…

  10. Interesting that Mariah gave Nicki that reputation when Mariah has had that reputation for decades straight… and still has. I don’t even understand why anyone would believe Mariah bc she’s been called a diva even before Nicki was even close to becoming a rapper. Tells me that you believe what you want to believe.

    I love how people claim Nicki was a bully for checking Miley, when at that time everyone was actually agreeing with Nicki. White people especially WOMEN don’t have a right to criticize how black women want to express their feelings of discrimination. Ever. Especially when you out here appropriating they living shit out of African American culture, including every stereotype of it.

    The rest is super uninteresting because it’s all “allegedly” and every single niggas could have had the opportunity to out her from 2017-2020 without any backlash during the hate train…. but yet everyone either remained silent or denied it.

  11. Nicki fans need therapy and God! This woman is a product of her environment rich or not! She’s a victim that harms other victims aka RKelly. She needs help or possible jail time for harassing a sexual assault victim! Ain’t no excuses!

    1. Black Nicki haters like you are the ones that really need therapy! Y’all hate this black women for nothing! She is not responsible for nobody actions but her own! It’s a recording of the victim saying nicki did not call her neither did Kenny, she said it was his friends from the streets.

  12. I’ve been rocking with G since before she started this blog. Some of y’all are so new, so let me catch y’all up to speed. 1) G has nothing but love and respect for Nicki. 2) She warned Nicki’s team about how the industry was going to try to blackball her. 3)She gave Nicki’s team a lot of suggestions coming from a PR’s perspective-that shit usually not free but she did it anyway. 4) She has covered all Nicki Minaj tea under the sun whether it’s good, bad or indifferent. 5)If y’all are that pressed, find the search bar and search Nicki by name and *wallah* alllll of the tea mentioned above is there.
    Onto the Cardi B comments. 1) Y’all made it seem like she has been dissing Cardi for years and now y’all are making it seem like G is kissing Cardi’s now. 2) Y’all have a problem with Cardi and Nicki’s name being brought up when she speaks on one or the other, but you guys are the ones bringing them up in the comments. 3) G has posted plenty of Cardi B tea, good, bad or indifferent.
    Y’all must be new because the real ones know wassup.

    1. Also, I’m not a Barb, I like 3 of her songs and can’t stand watching her interviews, she’s so cocky and irritating. I’m just here to defend G.

  13. @Lee Lee of course I’m jealous, I wish I was a multi millionaire, the fuck. That was a stupid comment 🙄

  14. LOOL Nicki did things with drake and Wayne? I remember her lyric stating if she did itheir penis wasn’t going inside of her.

    “Yo, I never fucked Wayne, I never fucked Drake
    All my life, man, fuck’s sake
    If I did I menage with ’em
    And let ’em eat my ass like a cupcake”

    AND kenneth is abusive, he has this history, Nicki really let all of us down and herself for being with such an evil man.

  15. How do y’all read the name Nicki and all you heard was Cardi. Y’all are pathetic.

    Good 🍵 the funny thing is most of it she’s already told us

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