July 6, 2022

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21 thoughts on “Blind Sugar 8/19/2021

  1. Draya mad that Diddy is getting cozy with yung Miami. With a little nip and tuck, yung Miami could pass for Kim porter. I wouldn’t be shocked if Diddy tries to do that.

    Jay z still tight over usher Raymond. I’m sure there are plenty other men just waiting for Beyonce to get single lol I wouldn’t focus too much on just usher. He might wanna keep an eye on them business associates he has, I bet there are plenty of white folk he do business with that would love to have beyonce. If they ever was to divorce oooo Chile that would be a MOMENT.

    J-Lo figuring out more and more that A-Rod was trash, always has been trash, and always will be trash. I know Ben affleck is happy he got his girl back.

    1. I was with you until the Caresha could pass for Kim. Not even with magic! She’s a beautiful young woman, but they look nothing alike even with surgery it’s a stretch.

  2. I remember the Hot Takes you did on Arod awhile ago when it was said he was thirsting over Kylie via her IG. smh

  3. #1 no clue
    #2 Beyonce- I knew Jay wasn’t happy about seeing that bare booty on social media lol.
    #3 JLO/Arod

  4. Umm but don’t usher got the herp so y sway would B go for that..scratches head 🤔🤔 and do we know for sure if they really hooked up in the past 😏

  5. 1. Draya, Diddy and Miami
    2. ???
    3. JLo and ARod…..? One of the Kardashians..its always one of them, lol

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