July 1, 2022

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15 thoughts on “Tuesdays Sugar Bullets Foxy Brown

  1. I love Foxy but I fell out over her and Rick Ross having sex and he had her in a bear hug🤣🤣🤣🤣

  2. Can we get the tea on Foxy and Rih situation? I don’t remember reading about that on the blog.

  3. So foxy was 16 and Rihanna was signed at 16 and those “rumors” came out a year later .. jayz likes them young.

  4. I dislike Jay Z more and more each time I read about him. That Foxy and Rick Ross visuals was too much for me 😂

  5. Wait you telling me misa started the beef. Even if foxy wanted to copy Kim why would the stylist agree to it. That’s pathetic it be Kim own people who be out to get her.

  6. Foxy and lil Kim both seemed to play the sidelines while the men they loved ran off with others.

    So foxy was mad that Jay was smashing an underage rih…and took it out on rih? These women never hold the men accountable but hey he got her underage so she didn’t know any better. Sounds like she wanted to be the only underage body…sorry fox he’s had plenty of those.

  7. Deceased at that bit about her and Rick Ross😭😭 but damn 8mins is a long time to be without oxygen, poor Foxy!

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