May 16, 2022

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15 thoughts on “Hot takes 3/11/2021

  1. As soon as I saw the so-call breaking Jlo/Arod news I was laughing and thinking how you told us this months ago this news is old! It may be new to world but old to us sugar babies lol

    1. What did Kim speak to Drake about? I thought Drake fucked Kylie and Kris, so what’s the truth he fucked the whole family. If he knows what good for him he should stay the hell away from that cursed family. Shes only doing this for attention. Kanye won’t talk to her ass anyway

      1. Exactly that’s what I’m saying. He needs not to get himself caught up with they bullshit.

  2. Would Kylie be okay with Kim and Drake? Do they talk about it? Or they just don’t give af I guess

  3. Who is Mr Cee? Bragging about trans ⚧ love … this has me stumped bc the only person that comes to my mind is Charlamagne … but I haven’t seen anything about him being transgender…. Somebody who knows what’s going on here ~ can y’all explain this? 🤔

    1. Mr Cee is a radio Dj from NY and he got caught picking up a transdergender prostitute a few years back. He the Dj on A NY popular radio station

  4. Now all of a sudden they tryna work it out. They weren’t able to get ahead of the story that’s why. 😂😂

  5. Drake would be a fool to get involved with Kim. People should have known that Kim & Kanye’s marriage wouldn’t last. Kim always wants to be married but none of them have ever lasted which I believe were all her choices. I don’t know how others feels, but enough of the semi nude photos. She should put some color in her house.

  6. Drake needs to leave Kim alone. The divorce is about to get messy. No need getting mixed up again with Kanye and his drama. I am sure Kim is only reaching out to be petty.

    JLO claims they are “working it out”. I say her and ARod and JLO trying to divide stuff and save face.

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